Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tour of the town

I decided to do some photo journalism today of my pretty little town (please scuse crapness of photos. They are crap because I am crap at taking them).


See the pretty flower boxes? They are everywhere.

Benches everywhere too.

Above is the prettiest little park I have seen in the UK. Below we have the impressively dramatic and slightly depressing church:

And last but not least we have this:

What is that thing I hear you ask? Well, your guess is as good as mine. A guinea pig's skate ramp? A confused shoelace? A ball of baby blue wool? A squirt of toothpaste? Spaghetti fell in the food dye again?

This "sculpture" is what the council saw fit to install in front of the stately and imposing church. Actually this photo makes it look pretty, and hides the filth this thing is coated in. It doesn't even have any graffiti on it, because what self respecting graffiti artist would work on a background of baby blue?


Ches said...

I would have said squirt of toothpaste!

po said...

I'm going for ball of wool myself :)

Miss T said...

I like the skate ramp theory but you are right it is pretty hideous...obviously it was the mayor's nephew's art project

po said...

hehe, miss T, never thought of the mayor's nephew

6000 said...


"I know where you are, and I know you're on your own" as Therapy? once sang.

No - that sculpture (when viewed from the correct angle) represents looping jets of clear water coming from underground.

Makes sense, given the name of the town, no?

po said...


Hmm your lateral thinking far surpasses my own. I never thought of that. Perhaps that is indeed what it is meant to be! Good thing I never studied art appreciation.

sweets said...

weeeeeeeird sculpture... LOL @ your thoughts on what it could be :)

i love the flower boxes!!!

po said...

sweets, yeah, it is a very pretty town, its a pity that you catch the younguns ripping said flowers to bits but hey.