Tuesday, 16 September 2008


My head feels worn 
with too much thought
or too little, and torn
between fear of success
and failure safely borne.

Nothingness is easier than you think-
but slipping through the cracks,
hiding from mediocrity, 
is only to sink.


Ches said...

Damn Coldplay...Were the mind games on X&Y not bad enough? I still haven't figured out what the cover means!? :)

po said...


I tell ya. That X&Y album confused me cos it was masquerading as gospel or something. This new one is just... bizarre, but so awesome.

mona said...

Coldplay are out of this world.they are the perfect band for me.their lyrics? Ultra deep.i heart chris martin.genius!their new albums diff bt i like!

Tamara said...

Bizarre but awesome is the best description I've heard yet.

"You thought you might be a ghost... You didn't make heaven but you made it close...


po said...


That line you quoted is the one that has been lurking around in my brain the most! I love it: "you didn't get to heaven but you made it close."

Almost funny in a way.

mona: I am so into their new album, it intrigues me.