Thursday, 11 September 2008

Please state your business with this bench.

Story I read in yesterday's metro newspaper:

If you are alone and not accompanied by at least one child in a particular park in England [adults not to be trusted without child supervision :) ], you WILL be approached and questioned as to your intentions in the park. This is to reduce paedophile activity, apparently. 


Actually, I do have a comment, I do, I am pulling a muscle here, jumping up and down, to make a comment!

This nanny state business is getting out of hand. I often go to the local park, ALONE, (this may make me a loser but not a paedophile) or with G, and we do not have kids. I always thought we had the right to do so, but apparently not. Are parks for the use of kids only? Am I going to have to squeeze one out merely to have the right to use a park? What about infertile people?

This country has been very kind to me during my stay. But it is insane sometimes.


Tamara said...

How random. the Brits are an odd bunch.

Did your blog, btw.

po said...

Hey Tamara, I agree with you, scary thing is some of my ancestors are British :)


Ches said...

They should check to see if those 'alone' people are sweating...then arrest them! :)

po said...

Personally, if I were a clever paedophile and I saw some coppers, I would go stand by a group of children. Hope they think of that!

Being Brazen said...

You know for sure the world is a sick place when there are rules and thinking like that.


po said...

being brazen:

I wonder what caused the people in that town to become so paranoid? A plague of child molesters?

Miss T said...

Thats just insane. Next you will be banned from buying candy unless you can prove you are giving it to a child that is a known relative!

po said...

no, Miss T, don't give them ideas, I need candy. I don't have any nearby small relatives.