Monday, 29 September 2008

The blogademy awards.

An award! I was awarded this by kitty cat:

I would just like to take this moment to say thank you to me for inspiring me to start this blog, and me, for writing this blog, and me, for doing it so very well. Good sea monkey.

Come on, this may be the only award I will ever get so I may as well make the most of it.

Who to award it to? As you may know from my blogroll, I read a lot of blogs, and they must all be good or else I wouldn't read them now would I? Lots of people have already won an award, can I award it to them again?

I would pass this award on to everyone but it would take too long so for now I give it to:

1)cybersass - the blogsphere's very own soap star, for giving us an insight into the life of an actor.

2) justB[coz] - for being so honest and raw and true.

3) Ches - for giving me insight into living in Jozi, a place as foreign to me as Azerbaijan. And for broadening my education about fart noises more than I ever thought possible.


Tamara said...

Well deserved, Po ;-)

po said...

thanks so much!

justBcoz said...

Well done and thank you =)

po said...

Thanks and congrats to you!

Ches said...

Congrats...and a thanks! :)

po said...

Thanks for the fart education Ches.

sass said...

YAY! my first blog award! don't we all rock?!
thanks po and congrats!

po said...

my pleasure