Friday, 19 September 2008

Life, the universe and everything.

The following may or may not be in any way related to the  truth:

I was feeling lost and confused and struggling to see the point of it all. So I asked the internet:

Me: What is the meaning of life?

Internet: 42

Me: Shut up. Be serious. 

Internet: the meaning of life is that it ends.

Me: well that is cheering to know. So then what is the point of existence?

Internet: Why do you need a purpose to your existence? Are you not satisfied with what existence gives you? 

Me: No! And I am the one asking questions here. Is it possible to feel satisfied if you feel like your existence has no purpose?

Internet: Is it possible to be sure you exist if you cannot find your purpose?

Me: Fuck. Now you are screwing with me. Fine. Do I exist?

Internet: DNS server error.

Me: Internet, I hate you so very very much. I ask you again, do I exist?

Internet: If you think you do then you think you do.

Me: how very profound. 

Internet: However, we do not have you on any database. To us you do not exist.

Me: But I am asking you stuff right now! You are full of shit. You know what, I am going to kill you now, yes, you heard me. Die internet die!

Internet: We know you don't have the willpower to switch us off, we know you are addicted.

Me: well, you just proved I exist after all. I have to exist to be addicted to you. Now piss off, I am going to play spider solitaire.

(with thanks to Yahoo answers).


Ches said...

Hey Hitcherhiker...

Are you Zaphod Beeblebrocks?!

Tamara said...

Classic, Po. You had me laughing out loud so that the office girls are questioning my sanity even more than usual. Lucky I didn't pee on my chair!

po said...

Hey ches, I don't know! Am I? I could be. Not sure I could remember how to spell my own name.

po said...

Tamara, thanks!

I was really having one of those "what is the point?" moments, so I thought the only way to make myself feel better was to rip myself off.

6000 said...

Actually, with the financial crisis adversely affecting markets across the world, the meaning of life is now only 29.

po said...

Interesting, the age I will be next year. Do you think then it will all make sense? Hope so.

Lopz said...

Nice one - who needs God when you have Yahoo answers!!!! :-P

po said...

Lopz, yeah but Yahoo answers isn't telling me stuff I want to hear!

Kitty Cat said...

Hey Po, I thought this was a brilliant post! I feel that that too, have asked all the same questions and gone around those circles in my head!

po said...

Thanks kitty, just remember, when in doubt, ask the internet!

Rox said...

Haha, brilliant Po!

I tried asking the internet that once, it pointed me to wikipedia which totally confused the issue even more, so gave up after that.

The way I try and see it is that life is just one super realistic, intense game, with many many levels, life points, health points, obstacles, weapons, moves and a whole lot of other stuff, and you have to get to the next level without dying, and when you eventually get to a certain level, and you've lost x amount of points, it's game over.

Pretty simplistic I know, but I like it. I have to remind myself that it's meant to be about playing the game rather than getting to the final level.

po said...

Hi Rox, I like your analogy, I guess the point of life realy is to stay alive!

Tamara said...

Hello again, Po. I tagged you to do the I love SA meme, but I now remember you've already done it. Damnit. Oh well... not sure what the point of this comment is now...

Being Brazen said...

great original post...ha ha ha

po said...

thanks being brazen!

sass said...

hey po! i've actually been away from the internet for an entire weekend (imagine that! ;-^) ), so i've only just come across this.
great post! very clever!

po said...

Thanks sass, I feel like I need a weekend away from the internet, it is an evil beast that won't let me get away!