Friday, 26 September 2008


I am disturbed. The economic crisis is more serious than our governments would have us think. 

Chocolate digestives now cost 35p. They never cost more than 20-something-p before. 

Maybe I should stockpile a whole lot in case the price goes any higher. But then I will just eat them all in one go and die from chocolate overdose because my brain has no "stop" function.

What a dilemma. I am trying to keep my cool.


Prixie said...

i thought i was going crazy when i seen the price increase. sigh...

i say we stock up and head for the

Moe Wanchuk said...

We have a Dairy Queen Ice Cream store in our building at work. I just at a Large Banana Cream Pie Blizzard.

I'm such a Whale!

po said...

Prixie, awesome, lets do it before things get out of hand. Chocolate digestives are the number one reason why I live in this country.

Moe: That sounds amazing! I was so depressed at the price increase that I ate a whole box of shortbread. I am a whale more.

Kitty Cat said...

Now that is a serious crisis...can't have chocolate biscuits getting too pricey...I think you should stockpile anyway.

Miss T said...

This is a SERIOUS crisis. Forget the property collapse the rise in chocolate price will cause war!! Stockpile!

Ok now I can only think of chocolate

po said...

Hmm, chocolate, yeah, I think stockpiling is the way to go, I mean surely I won't eat them ALL?