Friday, 5 September 2008

Is this the way to Muizenberg?

I decided to attempt Ches's sex and candythought experiments, while walking to an appointment in town, and wrote the results down here. Be warned though, not much in the sex department seemed to be cooking in my brainwaves. Candy, now that is more like it:


That woman just called her small son a dickhead! I guess it is roughly the equivalent of saying "naughty boy" or something but sheesh! Maybe I am out of touch with parenting techniques. Is it common practice to call your children dickheads these days?

I really should start getting to know the names of roads in this town, I've only lived here 3 years and all. The only directions I understand are those which answer the question "where is it in relation to Tesco?"

I have no idea where I am going. That bloody street sign has a flippin flower basket covering it! Typical, in this country, if it isn't a bush or a branch or spraypaint, it's a flower basket.

Not that South Africa is any better. I mean, all signs on the highway in Cape Town say "Muizenberg" from the moment you leave the city. What happened to signs for Rondebosch say, or Newlands? Is it a case of all roads lead to Muizenberg? I feel it is a cunning ploy

a) on the part of Muizenbergers to attract unwitting tourists to their sleepy town

b) on the part of Southern suburbers to keep pesky tourists out of their suburbs by sending them all to Muizenberg. Poor things. 

Girl, no one is going to want to read your ponderings on the madness of South African road systems. Focus. Sex, candy.

Candy, hmm, give me some of that. I really want some candy now. Candy is such a cool word, much more evocative than "sweets". "Lekkers" is cool though. 

Yeah, and sex?

Whatever, my mind can only crave one thing at a time, ok.  I want candy!

Wasn't there a tv cartoon, probably dubbed into Afrikaans, called Candy, Candy, in the early 90's? I seem to remember she was an orphan?

What about "Mina moo en kie"? That show ruled! I have a feeling it was some kind of propaganda for Clover but still. 

Am craving lamb right now. Haven't had lamb for possibly years. The curse of a vegetarian boyfriend. Why do I think so much about food?

La-a-a-ambert, the sheepish lion...


Times up and that is it. The sum total of my deep thoughts while searching for a road in town. 

Riveting stuff, huh?


kyknoord said...

My mother calls me a dickhead all the time. It probably wouldn't be polite to relate what I call her.

po said...


Ah yes, but did she call you that when you were small? And did she pierce your ear at age 5 (the boy had an earring).

Ches said...

Ha ha PO, just saw this now! Friday was crazy...
Shot for the shout out dude...

Lambert, ha ha, nice one!

po said...
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po said...

Thanks ches, this wasn't quite like your sex and candy, but was definitely inspired by it.

Evyl Shnukums said...

awesome, I really enjoyed your ramblings :)

po said...

Evyl Shnukums, thanks, I love your name by the way.