Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thinking horrible, filthy, nasty words right now

NHS (UK National Health Service) = spawn of Satan

I apologise if you happen to work for the NHS and think I am being unfair. Trust me, I do not blame you, I blame the system. Perhaps I should rephrase:

My experience of NHS = behaviour of Satan's spawn.

I am beyond words. I don't know whether to laugh or cry or just, like sue somebody. Yeah right.

Perhaps there are people out there with good opinions of the NHS. I would (not) be interested to hear why they think it is a system that actually works.

Be warned people, if you thought South African incompetence was world class, it pales in comparison to this little health care gem in the first world. 

I would just like to say:

I want my piece of bone back! There was no reason for you to take it from me, and now my arm is worse off than before! I feel violated.

My god I seem to have pissed off the Karmic accountants at the moment. What have I done to deserve this? Do I have bad feng shui?


Karolina said...

do I really have to say something? I think you know that I know.

I am still walking with crutches and I am so tired of the whole situation... eh. I hope you get better eventually!
you should come to capoeira one day. if you let me know in advance, I will come as well, and we will talk, and possibly burn our hospitals after that!
love x

po said...

Hey, Karolina, how bad was your experience? I saw on facebook that you had a bad reaction to morphine?

I saw a chiropractor this week for my back problem. He told me that there was no need for my shoulder operation, it was completely in the wrong place. Well I guessed so. And as for my back, the physio was giving me exercises that were dangerous for my injury!

I will never ever trust the NHS again, they have wasted a year of my life.

It's so crap you are still on crutches, would definitely like to hear your story some time!