Monday, 22 September 2008

Thank you Eskom

Here is a poem. I was saving it in the hope of publishing it in the literary world some day. But then I got real. It is not very good, and if I publish it here on my blog, I can still say it is "published" right?

Of course, if you get the urge to put it in an anthology of "One hundred greatest poems ever" or something, please feel free. Don't forget to tell me about it.

Thank you Eskom

Your razor eyes peeled back
my carrot skin disguise
Exposing things long tucked away
By mouldy familiarity.
And I, cold and raw, x-rayed you
And I too saw.

We tiptoed a fine-spun thread,
teetering on edges of ugliness,
Eyeing depths that offer no return
that plunge to parallel dimensions
without intersection.

I stiffened, poised to leap
into the icy winds of love’s defection,
into the slipstream of the left-unsaid,
but then the lights winked out
and we
well we did something else instead.

brilliant poem is copyright of Po.


MsBehavn said...

That definitely doesn't sound like knitting to me!

I hope you get published ;)

6000 said...

What? Knitting?

Seriously - it's a wonderful collection of words. But I have to take exception to your choice of picture - surely you should be showing an energy saving CFL bulb?

Tamara said...

Brilliant, Po. Love it. When I'm rich and famous, I shall publish it in a book of modern verse ;-) If Eskom is still around.

Miss T said...

wow..very impressive!

po said...

Hehe, thanks guys,

msbehavn: uh, haven't knitted for some years,

6000:sheesh, those damn energy saving lightbulbs, when they say 100w on the box, they really mean 1w!

Tamara: Ooh, hope you get rich and famous soon!

Miss T: hehe, thanks

Lopz said...

If I ever publish a collection of poems, yours will be on the first page!

po said...

lopz thanks so much, maybe we should just publish our own anthology anyway :)

sweets said...

very well done! loved it :)

The Dumpee said...

Good poem. When are you getting published did you say?


po said...

Hey dumpee, um, will get published when Eskom never needs to shed another load?

Kitty Cat said...

You should get published one day!

po said...

thanks kitty