Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I am not ticklish. Really.

I went for reflexology for the first time today. Modern medicine is clearly not working for me (more on that another day), so I am turning to alternative therapies for this aching body of mine.

Someone had told me that reflexology was painful. Pain I can do, in fact I enjoy pain of the massaging type. My great fear was that I was going to have a fit of uncontrollable squealing giggles in the middle of the massage. I have been known to be somewhat ticklish in the general foot area.

Overall it was tickle free. There was one dicey moment that had me on the verge of hysteria, but I employed mind control such as only Jedis can wield, and managed to contain my urge to writhe and shriek. It was a close one. Has anyone ever felt as if they could honestly die from being tickled? I have. It is a cruel twist of fate that tickling causes people to laugh, because it is no laughing matter. I literally feel like I am on the verge of death, okay? So just don't do it. Put the feather down.

I don't know much about reflexology. Apparently different areas of your feet are linked to different areas of your body. I don't know about the rest of my body, but my feet feel amazing. It is as if there is marshmallow where once there were bony extremities.

Now I am considering acupuncture, but I am not sure how I will cope being a human pincushion. The mind is willing, but I seem to go all faint at the sight or mere suggestion of a needle. I reckon it won't be a problem though, after all, I will be lying down already, so can faint at will.

Has anyone out there been a human pincushion before? What was it like?


Ches said... should try Body Stress Release (BSR)...I was in a car accident and my neck was stuffed...I tried everything, even reflex...but BSR help more than just my neck.
It relieves all kinds of stress and of coarse doesn't make you ticklish!

po said...

Hey Ches, I have never even heard of that before, I shall have to google it. I am up for trying anything right now.

po said...

OOH, I see it is a new technique, brought in from South Africa. How cool. Actually I attended a chiropractor session today, and in the first time in years I felt like I was talking to someone who knew what was going on and could help me. Looks promising.