Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Thoughtbite 4 - little people

If you feel you are too small
for this world, like a hobbit
amongst giants towering tall
Think of faithful Sam
And Bilbo who stole a cup
from a sleeping dragon,
But not so much Frodo -
he was pretty fucked up.


Being Brazen said...

heehee - poor Frodo

po said...

Yeah, he was full of angst though, not a good role model.

Ches said...

Ha ha ha...

"The ring...My precious"

po said...

yeah, wouldn't use Gollum as a role model either.

sass said...

ha ha! i think frodo was also dazed and confused!

po said...

gosh that's so true. Just like me. Well, I certainly don't think of myself as a role model :)

A roll eater, perhaps but not a role model.