Monday, 15 September 2008

The bloggy disease

Blogging is bad for me. At first I spent more than a normal amount of time thinking about posts I was going to write. Then I discovered other people's blogs. Things have never been the same since. 

I am technically a student. Well, technically, as in I AM a student, even if my assignments and study material come in the post. I still have to write exams in a month or so's time.

I am a nerd, and in the past have always managed to somehow pass by some feat of last minute cramming. But this year I am not sure that I even have the desire to pull it off. I have lost the ability to care. I have not opened a book in months. Motivation has deserted me for the first time in my life. I want it back!

It could be that I am way too old to still be studying and my brain is in the advanced stages of a teenage-regression-rebellion. Or it could be that the blogosphere has hijacked my will to be productive.

Given that I spend most of my time in the South African blogosphere, this hijacking should not come as that much of a surprise. But seriously, if you are South African and you have a blog, chances are very high that I have read it. Even if I haven't blogrolled it or followed it or commented on it or some other stalker-like behaviour, chances are I have read it via Amatomu or someone else's blogroll. I have stopped adding to my blogroll for now because if it gets any longer it will cross the channel. 

And if you are foreign, chances are I have read your blog too. I have read a LOT of blogs. I have a disease. Blogoritus. It is a serious case. 

So, I blame you all if I fail my exams for the first time in my life, and you will all be receiving bills in the (e)mail for my resit fees, or worse, the fees for another round of the courses I failed. Please make cheques out to:

Dr Po Seamonkey Esq. 
red piece of coral on  the far left, 
seamonkey tank batch no: 21344587, 
Little Piddle

Um, and thanks for keeping me entertained for the last few months.


sleepyjane said...

Oh I know what you mean. I spend about two hours on my blogging in the morning when I get to work. *sigh*

nemesis said...

i tried adding my blog on but got confused and stopped :)

my blog was started as a result of my lecturer forcing us to blog for marks...can u imagine??

now im as addicted as u hah ha ha

po said...

Howdy. sleepyjane
glad to hear I am not the only one, is there some kind of rehab for bloggers?

nemesis: That is an interesting assignment, but I can't imagine a lecturer of mine reading this blog, oh dear me no!

Kitty Cat said...

Interesting, I am new to the blogosphere, but have found it equally addictive and have gone reading as many as I can. And I also tried to study through Unisa in my mid twenties and found it far too difficult to summon the motivation.

Tamara said...

Blogoritus. I have it too. It's contagious!

po said...

Kitty cat

Yeah I am studying via UNISA. I never struggled with
motivation before, this is the first time. But I have been doing it since the end of 2005. I am also starting to lose confidence in the quality of the UNISA degrees.

po said...


The only cure is going cold turkey, but I don't have the power!

Kitty Cat said...

No don't go cold turkey, we all need to read and support each other.

po said...

Don't worry, not much chance of me going cold turkey any time soon. My boyfriend sometimes hides the internet cable from me so I wont be on the internet too much :)

6000 said...

It could be worse. You could have discovered 6000 miles... and then you'll never work again.

Thanks for the comment, btw.

Oh... bugger.

po said...

hey 6000, too late, I found your blog a while ago, was a lurker until I got the guts to comment!

sass said...

blogaritus - yeah, i suffer from that disease too. my inspiration was writing about trying to run a 10k (still trying!), but the blogging bug (writing mine - mostly about stuff other than running and checking in on others) has bitten.
so how much work does anyone get done? :-)

po said...

Well, considering I am currently "seeking work" I guess the answer is pretty obvious!

Ches said...

Digg the vector art Po, nice.

po said...

ah, ches the art isn't mine, I stole it off microsoft clip art just to brighten up the blog! I wouldn't know how to make vector art. Sorry :(

sweets said...

LOL... please let me know if you find a cure, cause i have it in a bad way too :)~