Friday, 24 October 2008


All my creative juices were squeezed out of me after my screamplay. I am just going to jot down a few random ponderations today:

1) I have discovered one positive thing about having an operation FOR NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER!!!!  Ahem. Sorry. Focus. Yes. I make everyone's day in the gym! You should see the faces of the people who sit next to me on the rowing machine. Everybody gets to whack the machine onto level 10 and laugh at me tugging away on level -33, trying to rehabilitate my weedy arm. Even huge muscular men seem to get a kick out of whipping my ass on the rowing machine. Go figure.

2) I bitch about the weather in the UK all the time, because I am a miserable whingeing Saffa who cannot cope with such low temperatures. I have crap circulation ok? However, October has been the month with the best weather all year.

 Last week when I was writing my UNISA exam it was sunny and I was sitting outside the venue, basking like a lizard. I looked over to my right and saw a girl curled up in a miserable ball. She was wearing a bulky hoodie pullover, with the hood up, and a huge winter coat over that, with that hood up too, and she was wearing huge winter gloves, and she looked like she was in hell. And I was thinking, you poor dear girl, you are in the wrong country. Go home! You are dying of cold and winter hasn't even started yet! It gave me perspective as to my own suffering. It aint gonna stop me bitching about the cold though.

3) Is it wrong to laugh when a new University year has started and an extremely drunken girl has forgotten where she lives?  Mwahahaha.

Maybe so, but serves her right for screaming about it AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS at 2am in the morning.

Just saying.


Being Brazen said...

your posts always make me laugh.

I answered your b12 question on my moody cow comments page.


Miss T said...

As saffers we are entitled to moan about the weather as much as we want :)

po said...

BB: will check it out asap

miss T exactly. But in comparison to that girl, I am full blooded Brit!

6000 said...

1. That's because you look funny.

2. I found out how you can tell when spring has arrived in Cape Town. See if you can spot it too.

"I'm so fed up of this rain"
"I'm so fed up of this rain"
"I'm so fed up of this rain"
"I'm so fed up of this rain"
"I'm so fed up of this wind"
"I'm so fed up of this wind"

3. Depends. If she was looking for her digs at Glasgow Uni, I think it would be very funny.

po said...


1) I do not look funny. Ok I look funny. How did you know?

2) hahaha. That is a good one. You have a good point. On all the blogs I have been reading, Capetonians never stop moaning about the weather. Is it any different to the UK? But you do have the mouuuuuuntaaaain

3) agreed. Sadly she seemed to think she could find her home underneath my window.

Ches said...

Po...Jozi's weather aint much better at the mo I'm afraid!

po said...

Ches: i am doubting that muchly. Mozzies always mean good weather, no?

Rox said...

Hehehe, I found it funny thinking of a drunk student who can't find their way - and I'm just reading about it.

As for the weather stuff, today I can't really complain (although it's a tad on the windy side, lol) about weather in Cape Town today.

po said...

rox: i think it is pretty hilarious if you cant remember where you live but that is because it is not me!

cant complain about the weather in Royal Leamington Spa either, it is coooooool but sunny and beautiful!

Dash said...

your just trying to fit in to the genotype of the "whinging pom", its only natural. TO make the transformation complete you need to become hopeless at rugby and cricket, even though you invented them and then start whinging about everything...not just the weather.

po said...

mwahaha dash it just so happens that I AM useless at cricket and rugby, although I love watching them!

Although I cannot gloat too much about poms being bad at cricket, after SA's last disastrous one day effort!

Dash said...

well, it seems that the australian's have lost wahatever it was making them great, because they are having it handed to them by the indians at the moment.

Maybe they just don't have what it takes after losing mcgrath, wuagh and warne. ahhh, the late 90's were good times...

po said...

yeah, the early and mid 90's were good times for the saffas, but you know, both teams probably have a fair whack of pommy genes...

Moe Wanchuk said...

it's getting very cold here too. I love the fall though. All the leaves are changing and it's insanely beautiful right now.
I actually miss going to school. Once I finished school, I turned dumb again.

LadyFi said...

I think it rains in Cape Town as much as the UK...

Yes - the weather is total crap in the UK - that's why I live in Sweden. At least here, the weather stays outside, as we have something called insulation and central heating, whereas in the UK, they have neither.

Oh dear - now I sound Swedish.. help! I still have my British passport... please forgive me Mr. Bean and Queen.

po said...

heehee ladyfi, I am sure MR Bean and the Queen will still let you in!

Moe: it gets colder by the day here, I need to find my gloves.

Louisa said...

Hey! If we weren't allowed to moan about the weather half the people in the world wouldn't know how to start a conversation with a stranger.

Poor little lost student, do you know if she ever managed to track down her place of crashing?

po said...

Hi Louisa, so true!

well the girl was not outside my window the next day, so I am assuming she found her way eventually!