Thursday, 9 October 2008

Po in the hole.

Did I ever tell you about the time I fell in the hole?

Today I have nothing interesting to say, so instead I shall regale you with stories from my embarrassing past.

I was in high-school in Durban. It had been raining hard all day. Construction men had been digging up pipes or something. Anyway, there was a huge hole in the pavement outside the school gates. During the day it had  filled up with rainwater. 

At the end of the day, everyone was streaming out of the gates to go home. My friend, who I shall call Moonoomie, and I, were looking for her mom's car. As we walked we saw a girl fall into the hole. Everybody cracked up at the sight of the poor girl. For some reason I found it hysterically funny, so funny that long after everyone else had stopped laughing and moved on, I was still hosing myself. I mean, it was a huge hole, how could she miss it? Hahaha.

Eventually I recovered and we spotted Moonoomie's mom, who to help us avoid the rain, had parked right outside the school. Right in front of the aforementioned hole in fact. 

Now, I saw that we would have to walk past the hole, I mentally prepared myself for walking past the hole and NOT FALLING IN, I focussed and everything. 

Why is it that when you are focussing so hard on not doing something that your brain seems to blow a fuse and the next thing you know your legs are literally jumping towards the hole and diving in? Can anyone answer me this?

So yes, I fell in the hole. As I walked past it I somehow slipped. OR my legs jumped, beyond my control. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Talk about karma biting you in the bum. I who laughed hardest ended up in the hole too. Harsh.

Once I had been fished out, and had faced the mass hysteria of all around me, I was bundled, dripping, into the car. Moonoomie and her mom wet themselves the whole way home. I, who was already as wet as I could be, did not.

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6000 said...

I have yet to visit Kimberley's big hole.
Obviously I've seen the large open pit mine in the Northern Cape - I mean that I haven't had the pleasure of engaging with Kimberley the prostitute on Sea Point Main Road.
As the locals often point out: dit is 'n moerse groot gat. Some sailors have gone in there and never returned.

Tamara said...

Ahahaha! Oh, bugger. if I laugh, I'll fall in the hole, hey?

I also did highschool in Durban. I went to a snotty private school with the ugliest hats in the world!

Kitty Cat said...

Funny, sorry, but it's funny.

redsaid said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Cough* (Stopit! Stop making me laugh... I'm still coughing so whenever I laugh it turns into a nasty coughing fit.)

Anyway, I'm very VERY glad that I am not the only one.


Also? Your reference to karma reminded me of THIS: (Damn, had to struggle to find it.)

po said...

6000: I have seen it from the bus. I think I should avoid walking anywhere near it, knowing my legs' enthusiasm for jumping in!

Tamara: Ooh I am curious now as to which school you went to. My school wasn't private but it was still snotty.

And yes, now you will fall in the hole.

po said...

kitty cat: it is hilarious, no ned to apologise!

Redsaid: you are alive!!! So glad to see/hear from you again. How are your lungs doing?

I have fallen into many things, including a slime pit. Hmm, more stories for later!

redsaid said...

Apparently I'll be coughing til Christmas!!!! Bugger... who knew that pneumonia is such a right bitch?

But other than that, I'm okay thanks.

Can't believe how clums... I mean... similar we both are!!

MsBehavn said...

Po, that was hilarious! I would have been the next person to fall in the hole, guaranteed. After Tam of course!

po said...

msbehavn: the only reason I wrote this was so that you would all laugh and then fall in a hole.

Redsaid: I blame my clumsiness on being left handed. Don't ask me how they are linked to me falling in a hole but still. Are you left handed too? It is a handy excuse for everything :)

po said...

Redsaid I read your manhole story, it made me laugh out loud. I am not laughing at you I swear, I am laughing BECAUSE of you.

Just kidding, but yes, we have to laugh at these things or cry and laughing is more fun.

Ches said...

Confuciusts says person who walks into hole is not level.

po said...

ches: definitely cannot argue with that.

po said...

6000: oops to clarify I have seen the hole in the northern cape too, not Kimberly the prostitute's hole. Although I should probably stay away from that too because I could be sucked in and become anti matter.

Sweets said...

mwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhahhhaaa i love stories like that, jip karma got a nice big bite out of you r ass that day :)

po said...

sweets: karma is one mean lady