Saturday, 11 October 2008

The A-Z of me.

I am bored, so bored that I completed the A-Z of me. This is what happens when your entire social network, lifestyle, and  free time revolve around climbing, and you cannot climb. Sucks. Hope nobody actually reads this:

A is for apples. I don't eat them, they make me nauseous. In fact oranges are pretty much the only fruit that I do eat.

B is for boring, which I am. I like boring. Up to a point. And for blogging, which I do. And for Botswana, where I lived when I was small, and Brad Pitt, who I think is hot.

C is for cats. I love cats but I don't have one at the moment. As soon as we move to another place I will get one. And for Cartmann, my role model. And for Cape Town, the place I want to be living in again, sometime.

D is for Durban, the place in South Africa where I was born and raised.

E is for English, the only language I speak fluently. I am very ashamed of that. The only other language that I could speak was Afrikaans and I haven't spoken it since school so I doubt I could hold a conversation. I can read it still though.

F is for fingernails. I still chew mine at age 28. 

G is the intial of my boyfriend's name. We have been together 8 years, and are "married" emotionally and mentally but will never get married in a formal way.

H is for hair. Mine is brown. And handstands, which I like to do.

I is for internet, to which I am addicted.

J is for Jumping Jaks popcorn which I would probably eat every day if I could.

K is for karma, bad, which I seem to have in bucketloads right now.

L is for Leamington Spa, the place in England where I currently live.

M is for marijuana, which is bad, m'kay? Except in Holland; then you can go wild.

N is for naughty which I am not.  Mostly. And nice which I am, sometimes.

O is for orangutan, which my teacher called me at school because of my freakishly long arms. Oook!

P is for peanut butter. I ate only peanut butter sandwiches for about 8 years. Now I do not eat peanut butter at all. Strange, that. And for penicillin, which I did not discover.

Q is for quiet, which I am. Except for sometimes when I don't shut up and that usually involves alcohol.

R is for rock climbing, my favourite sport, which I cannot do because of an injury and then a misdiagnosis and then an operation for no reason, blah blah. But thanks to my genius chiropractor I may get to start again soon!

S is for science, a thing I sometimes pretend to do.

T is for toes which I can touch. 

U is for underestimate, which I do of myself.

V is for vain, which I am but I keep it a secret by going around looking like a slob.

W is for Westville. The suburb in Durban where I have spent more years than any other place. It was dull. But cool because it was where I spent my childhood.

X is for the x on a ballot paper which I have never ever made. This frustrates me greatly.

Y is for younger, which I wish I was.

Z is for zebras. I used to live down the road from a tiny nature reserve which had quite a few zebras. These are the only major African animals I have seen in the wild (apart from dassies, penguins, and springboks of course :)  ).


Moe Wanchuk said...

I'm glad you wrote this. It was Great!

You'll love your 30's. Lotsa Fun.

C is for College, which I'd love to go back!

po said...

Aw, thanks Moe. Really? I am nervous of being 30, I will have to pretend to be grown up!

Kitty Cat said...

What an interesting post about yourself. I love learning little tidbits about bloggers like this. I was born in Jo'burg but went to school in Assagay, and then Kloof and lived in New Germany and Pinetown and Waterfall...and my friend lives in Westville, near the nature reserve there, if that's the one you're talking about. Small world. And like you, I'm also quiet. And underestimate myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm way past 30 - way! And my kids say that I am still a kid pretending to be an adult, so don't be nervous. Embrace your age!

po said...

Thanks kitty cat. Wow, you sure saw the greater Durban area! The nature reserve I am talking about is the Palmiet. There was also New Germany, but that was a bit further away from my house.

ladyfi: So long as I can still do handstands I will be happy :)

Anonymous said...

BTW - I see you've decided to join Blog Action Day against poverty. GREAT!

It would be great if you could send over some readers on Wednesday to my site as I'm sponsoring all the comments I receive on that day - money for every comment left - and will be donating that money to charities that fight against poverty...


po said...

Will do!

Rox said...

I'm also at the 28 mark, am actually amped to hit the big three oh - it's a whole new era.

I love meme type lists by the way, reading and making them. Something about 'self trivia' is really awesome.

Miss Sparkles said...

Me three, also 28, also looking forward to the big three oh. I'm not as brave or patient enough to do an A-Z of myself - well done!

po said...

Rox: thanks hey, and miss sparkles too, so many 28 year olds out there. Must be a good age!

6000 said...

Interesting, but I'm diappointed that you decided to only do the 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Please now repeat in Catonese.

po said...

6000: no problemmo so long as you promise to read it all!

sass said...

well at least now i know a little bit more about you!

and don't worry bout the age thing - unless you have some weird death wish, you really want to get older. really! in about 12 years, i'll be twice as old as you are now - and you'll be going, "oh my god, i can't believe i'm 40!"
just thought i'd throw that in here to put things in perspex and give you some arithmeticulous to do as well. ;-P

po said...

Hi sass

on the whole I am a "live in the moment" person, so I can't even think more than an hour ahead. But I guess 30 is some weird huge intimidating number. When it is over I can just get on with being a big kid again.