Wednesday, 6 August 2008

what's with these hot old black men?

What is with Morgan Freeman being 71 years old? That is freaky. The man is looking way good for his age, he never looks 71. If you will pardon me for being temporarily British, he is well fit. 

I have this thing for older actors. Sean Connery is another case; the man is hot. That voice. And Anthony Hopkins. Well, he is not that hot, but he is such a good actor that I am willing to be generous. 

I also have a thing for bald guys. I find Michael Stipe from R.E.M. incredibly attractive too.

Okay, so I am a freak, I have never hidden this fact. 

One thing I have noticed is how good old black men are looking. They just don't seem to show their age. I mean, Mandela so does not look 90. He looks really good. White people just don't age well. Word.

I have always wished that I had black skin. The main reason for this is that I have terrible circulation, always feel cold, and so love the sun. But I have the fairest, freckliest, crappiest skin known to man. Cancer is a high probability with this skin. So I spend most of my time covering myself with sunscreen and hats and crap like that instead of just enjoying the sun.

Another reason is that black skin just looks so much better. Monotone over multi-freckle tone any day. I can be pink, yellow, blue, or brown. And black skin ages so much more attractively. It just looks better.

I think I was born the wrong colour. However, if I was born black in South Africa in the 80's, well, who knows what the hell my life would have been like?

I am grateful and ashamed and confused about my childhood and the privileges I had. 

But my skin totally sucks

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