Friday, 15 August 2008

Olympic vigil

This Olympics shalt be the the death of me.

Why oh why does China have to be in a difficult time zone. Difficult for me that is!

I have not had a TV of my own since I was 18, and on the whole I am am better off without one. But I am slightly obsessive about sports, and the one thing I have gravely missed is being able to follow the cricketrugbysoccersolympics. 

This year the beautiful, beautiful BBC is broadcasting the Olympics, live and advert-free, online. I love them so much. I have not watched the Olympics since I lived with my parents, and I am making up for it by watching everything I can.

My main thing is the gymnastics. Which is at 4 am every morning. Blegh. I can't keep this up much longer. It is worth it though. I got to see Nastia Liukin win the all-around gold, and she has been my favourite gymnast since I first saw her. 

Thanks Nastia, you made it worth the 4am vigil. So worth it.

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