Sunday, 3 August 2008

Escapades with hot wax

Seriously, it's not funny any more. I disqualify myself from the female race.

Whoever thought that it would be a good idea to put me in a room with hot dripping wax + sensitive skin deserves to have said hot wax poured all over them. Oh wait, that was me. And I did get hot wax poured all over me.

Well, I actually got wax on the carpet, on my hands, in my hair, in my mouth, on G (it is not as kinky as it sounds), on the dish towels, oh and some of it ended up on my legs, yes. Ow. Lets say my little experiment with the pot of wax went a bit awry. It looked so easy on TV.

My legs went very red. Some hair came out. most stayed in. I still have bits of wax all over them though. I look like a yellow candle.

I must just accept that it is too late for me to try and be a normal chick. That boat left long ago. I just don't have the skills to qualify me for that category. I would rather pull each hair out individually than go through that again.

Does it count if I claim ineptitude by reason that I was dead at the time?

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