Friday, 8 August 2008

Home sweet monkey-filled home

I almost feel like I should take another holiday in SA, although I was there in April. I had such a good time, it is a good place to travel.

Chilling in Cape Town, even just looking at the mountain makes me happy, trying to swim in the sea, haha.

Seeing places like this (Sedgefield) for the first time in my life and being bowled over by how beautiful the east coast is. And the random carguard found my South Park badge on the floor and pinned it to his jacket, and I was totally cool with that. Let the spirit of Cartman go out into the small coastal towns in the Western Cape.

Staying with my aunt in Durbs, bodysurfing in uMhlanga, even having a good time on Durban beach front, the additional adrenalin boost from thinking you can get mugged/raped at any time. Even hanging out at the Pav has some (limited) attraction right now. 

It was kind of fun playing with candles during load shedding, and talking to my friend's mom on the phone while stark naked in the dark cos I couldn't find my clothes. I am sure the novelty of load-shedding wears off pretty soon though, faster than a New York minute.

I enjoyed seeing monkeys all over the place, and the world's hugest snail. Just seeing wildlife in general was cool. And the amazing Durban rain storms, with the weirdest explosive spark of lightning I have ever seen. 

And decent weather, I cannot stress the importance of this enough. 

Didn't enjoy stressing about crime, but since no crime happened whatsoever, it was a waste of energy in hindsight. Can't help it though, having knives pressed to your ribs is something you don't forget in a hurry, even if it was years ago.

Jeez, Europe is supposed to be amazing and all that, but if it won't have me than SA can. (Hmm, it probably doesn't really want me either, but in a less aggressive, less you-just-don't-cut-the-mustard kind of way).

Possibly we will go to Thailand at the end of the year, if I have any money left after this insanity. I have been before, but the place is amazing; I will settle for jaw-dropping Buddhist temples over grey gothic cathedrals quite happily.

(photos copyright of Po)

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