Monday, 4 August 2008

Pretty ugly in pink

I hate pink. I am a girl and I hate pink. Surely this is not that unusual? All the clothes and shoes of the world have pink in them if they are for girls. Am I alone in thinking that this is totally lame and weak thinking? I know I am a girl, I do not need colour coded clothing to remind me.

Last year was the Year of the Pink for me. No less than 5 people close to me, including G, gave me pink items of clothing as gifts. Now this tells me that these people do not really know me at all.

Well they know a part of me. I can guess how the thought process went. 

Present. Present for Po. What to get? Well, she walks around wearing clothes she has had for ten years, clothes with holes, faded clothes, clothes that do not fit. She basically looks like a hobo. I can get her clothes. Ok, and she is a girl, so yes, pink clothes. Bonus if they have sequins (I am still picking silver sequins out of my carpet).

So is this my fault. By walking around as if I hate shopping for clothes or something (I hate shopping for clothes, I hate it!), I have induced a mass attack of pinkness. I now only wear pink. Which I hate, but not so much that I would go shopping for new clothes rather than using what I already have.

We bring these things upon ourselves.

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