Friday, 8 August 2008

Turgid beans on crispbread.

It has been centuries since I last did this: stayed up until ungodly hours working on essays. It is 1am and in 2 hours I have to go catch a bus to Londinium. Holy macaroni sticks.

This is all my fault of course, the thing is due, well today, and I only started working on it in any any meaningful way about 6 hours ago. 

There is no motivation left in me to study any more. I am too damn old for this; who thought it was a good idea to study a second degree? I mean I don't want to reveal my actual age or anything, but if you subtract one from 29...

I wish I could blame someone else but this is all my fault. I did spend almost the entire day reading a certain blog by a certain leguminous seed upon cooked bread. Ah, I think I read her whole blog, I might just have an addiction. I think I love the fact that she is completely and utterly different to me and so everything she writes about is fascinating. And she lives in Johannesburg, which as foreign as it gets for a girl from Debbin.

It is nice reading about people who have lives, and interesting lives at that. I think I should ditch the studies in the nearest ditch and find me one.
But I don't think I will write about it too much on this here blog, I mean if someone actually read it they might asphyxiate from boredom, and I don't want a lawsuit on my hands. 

Perhaps a person can be so utterly dull that they could actually be  interesting?

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