Thursday, 21 August 2008

Prodigal sun.

Here is a little free piece of advice from a seamonkey that has spent 5 years in the UK:

The weather here really really does suck. It is not exaggeration or whingeing. It bites. 

If you are a person who appreciates the sight, the hint of sun (ie a normal human/sea monkey) then do not live here. It's not that the sun never ever shines, but it is not worth the suspense, hope and begging with god of choice, because the chances are you will go an entire summer without its cheery presence.

Just a warning.


redsaid said...

Well, don't feel too badly. Ever since returning to SA, I have been colder here in winter than I ever have been during blizzards in Baltimore/D.C. I miss that little creature comfort called Central Heating. Our South African homes are often more freezing inside during winter than it is outside!

Since I spend most of my days indoors, I think I would happily sacrifice summer weather outside to be able to be all warm and cozy inside year round! Seriously, as I'm typing this I'm holed up in bed, electric blanket on high, and my fingers is still frozen...

po said...


Yesterday I went with my dad to Leeds to watch cricket. It is August here, so supposed to be the hottest part of summer. It was freezing. It went to about 5 degrees. Now if this is summer, then I don't know what I am going to do in winter!