Saturday, 16 August 2008

Parlotones-Barfly-moving earth.

When the Parlotones played at the Barfly in Camden last night, the earth moved. No, really though. The wooden floor was bouncing up and down and my drink got distributed amongst the clothes of those around me (read ON me). Lucky them, free alcohol, just go home and suck your shirt.

The venue was packed, and there were hactual English people there too, it wasn't 100% Saffarised. Saffas were recognisable by the Clockwork Orange eye make up that mimicked Kahn
Morbee's mad style.

I am not that familiar with all of the Parlotones' music, being a pariah who has been away from SA for 5 years, but this was the kind of music that you didn't need to know to enjoy. And they saved the best til last. Here comes a man caused a small earthquake in the greater London area as everyone went mad and sang (screamed) along, and I gave out free drink to my neighbours.

I had a really good time, and it was the music that stood out. Why aren't these guys huge already? Just give them time, us Saffas are trying to spread the Jozi love to the UK, and they are listening.

Just gotta go hunt down all their music now...

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