Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Number 2277? Even a 3 legged hamster could do better.

The amatomu ribbon at the top of my blog is plaguing me.

There can only be a few thousand blogs max registered on amatomu. Basically my blog is last. Or down somewhere low.

I am getting inadequate-blog complex. Maybe I should remove the ribbon. I am starting to get all competitive with... the blogosphere.

I enjoy waffling too much to quit just yet, even if I am just entertaining myself.

And my imaginary friend.

His name is Gerald.

Ok I lied, he doesn't exist any more. There came a point at which it was Gerald or G, tough choice but I will always have the memories. It basically came down to a matter of phantasmic proportions vs a matter of fantastic proportions.

I cannot believe I just resorted to sexual connotation, that is so not me. I must be subconsciously trying to attract readers. Well, I chuckled briefly, so it was worth it.

I did have a three-legged hamster once. She could do anything. But that is another story.


Ches said...

Dude...remove the banner!

Don't check makes you more free to write whatever shit you like.

po said...

That's good advice, but for some reason the numbers call to me. Must improve the numbers...

I have a bit of an addictive personality, as well as being slightly competitive.

We shall see.

sass said...

i refuse to put up those damn banners - i don't need any more inferiority complexes, thanks!
not that i get much traffic, but i'll blogroll you!
(uhmn... gerald, g - s'pose he hangs out at the g-spot! - LOL)

po said...


G-spot. Good one, hahaha! Love it.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the inferiority complex. I will give the banner a week, and see after then.