Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday social

I have been tagged by Exmi to join in with Saturday social. I am not sure I have followed the rules too well but here goes.

The question for the social is: Did you vote this past Tuesday?

No. I am not American. I know who I would have voted for if I had though, it seems pretty cut and dried to me. Unlike the nightmare that is South African politics. I don't know who I would vote for if I was voting in the South African elections because new parties are only forming now, and their policies are not even formulated yet. In South Africa it seems to be, you either love the ANC and vote for them, or you vote for any old opposition just to weaken the ANC. Odd system, but there is not much choice.

I really want to vote though. I never have, as I said yesterday
in this post. I don't know quite where I fit in in the political spectrum, but I am sure many people would say I am liberal, which seems to be the ultimate swear word in politics in SA. I am not sure that "liberal" actually has any meaning. I am probably too left to be liberal and not left enough to join the ANC and Cosatu chummies. I have some strong ideas about politics, which I should probably not mention here because I am not sure I have the acumen to argue the points strongly. I am pro well implemented AA for one. Even if it means G and I can't find work back home.

Geez, I better shut the hell up now in case I start spouting crap and boring the hell out of everyone as I usually do when I get the chance.

I am not in the mood for arguing politics or even thinking about it right now. I don't think it would be a good way to socialise on a Saturday. Yay Bokke! And such.

I tag
sass, moe and miss caught up, because they are from the US and might actually answer this question without hijacking it with foreign politics like me!

Saturday Social Rules:
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ExMi said...

did you actually say who you would have voted for if you lived in the US?

Sass said...

I NEVER post on Saturdays...but because of you thinking of me...I'm breakin' all the rules.

'Cause that's how I roll, yo. ;)

po said...

exmi: no. But I would have voted Obama.

sass: cool, thanks, I thought this question would be relevant to you.

Dash said...

po, i think the best way to develop the acumen to talk politics is to argue about it with someone that knows more than you. i've always found that useful.

oh yeah, and make sure they know how to keepit about the argument and not make it personal, nothing worse than that.

po said...

Hi dash I have been lurking on South African politics sites for a while I have come across almost no one who can avoid making it personal. I think it is a skill! But I agree, most people know more than me so I read lots