Friday, 7 November 2008

Join the vote boat

Everyone in the world has been following the US election and everyone has an opinion. Makes sense, considering that what happens in the US affects the whole world. But, now that it is over, are all you South Africans back home registered to vote? This weekend is registration weekend. Please vote! This is a crucial time to vote in the new South Africa.

This may sound horribly hypocritical, because I will not be voting. Unfortunately there are no provisions for South African nationals overseas to vote. This is unconstitutional, but that is the way it is. Trust me I have been tempted to fly home to register and then again to vote, but seeing as I have been unemployed a while it will just cost too much :(

I have never voted in my life. This is shameful and disappointing. When I lived back home I tried to register in Durban but as I was studying in Cape Town they wouldn't let me. And to be honest I lived in an apolitical little bubble and didn't really care.

It is ironic that since I moved to the UK I have become politically aware about SA. When I signed up to UNISA it randomly happened that the first course I did was "African philosophy". That course whacked me over the head like a Zunami. I saw things in ways I never had before. This may be because I am a bit slow; it was hardly rocket science. But it was an awakening. I will never take politics for granted EVER again.

Voting is crucial in a democracy, it is what it is founded on. And as you may have noticed South Africa is seeing some interesting political action right now. If you don't vote then you are saying you are perfectly happy with the way things are. Are you? If you are, you should vote because your party is seeing some opposition for once.

Please vote. Think about people like me who have had the right taken from them. We are many. I care so much about the future of my crazy home. I am leaving my country in your able hands ok?

I think our country is at a cross roads and I would strongly recommend participating in the direction it goes next.


Tamara said...

I will be registering this weekend. Joy. I'm with you on voting being the right thing to do, but the registration is a pain in the bum.

How did the exam go?

6000 said...

I pay SA taxes, but I'm not allowed to vote either. How fair can that like to be?

On the plus side, maybe there'll e a public holiday on Election Day next year, in which I will participate fully.

po said...

Tamara: cool: is it crap? I wouldn't know!

The exam? Did I write an exam? I think it was about trees or something. Oh my I was bored.

6000: the scary thing is according to G we can vote in the UK. I think that is mad. We aren't English. It just doesn't seem right.

LadyFi said...

I'm British yet I can't vote in Britain as I'm a non-resident. Can't vote in Sweden either as I'm not a Swedish citizen...

po said...

us voterless types should from a voterless government and take over the world!

Rox said...

Voting is so important, and it pisses me off when people who CAN vote don't.

The way I see it, if you are able to vote, and don't, then you lose your right to complain about things.

Something useful about registration, if you have already voted then you don't have to register again. If you have moved since the last elections, then you can call the IEC on 0800 11 8000 to find out where to register.

You can sms your ID number to 32810 to check if you're on the voters roll - I checked, and I am sorted.

po said...

rox: sms? That is impressive and quite organised! How surprising.

Rox said...

You can even check on the IEC website - pretty jacked indeed.