Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Job woes

Dear internet, I have gone and done something very stupid. I got a job. I know, I know what you are thinking. When will I blog? How will it affect my blogging? Well, this all could have been avoidable if you had just paid me to blog, see? Then I wouldn't have had to sell myself to science.

I am of course plagued by many doubts and anxieties, all of which are very neurotic and are impairing my ability to think coherently and should not be written about here. Especially not how the hell I am going to learn to wake up at non-existent times again, and we were planning to leave the UK next year but the contract is for two years, and I have forgotten EVERYTHING, and I am a fraud, and the place I will be working at is the most prestigious and famous institution of its kind, probably in the world, and what for the love of Spot the dog possessed them to pick me, the dazed and confused sea monkey who can barely remember her name???

But instead of spewing my neurotic drivel all over your screen I am going to be filled with positivity. After all, in my last job I only set fire to a super expensive explosive machine twice. And nobody died.

The world can sleep safely tonight in that knowledge. And in the knowledge that I will not be working with any kind of infectious diseases or black holes that may expand and swallow us all.

P.S. Of course there is a plus side to this job thingy; we may move out of Poo Palace, as one of my friends so aptly termed our block of flats. No more arsonist. No more mafia. No more Celine Dion karaoke.

P.P.S. But then what the hell will I talk about at dinner parties?


Dash said...

well, dinner parties wouldn't have been a problem if you didn't mention the fact that you would not be working with black holes or infectious disease. Then you could have made us think you had opened up a can of "whoops that's the wrong one" and doomed us all, or how you narrowly avoided crashing two cosmically destined atoms that previously would have destroyed existence.

pretty much, you're borked now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job! I can only say YAY for money. lol

Tamara said...

Yay! You can leave Poo Palace behind. But I swear, Po... If you stop blogging, I'll come on over there and beat the crap out of you with a test tube or something.

I'm just saying.

Being Brazen said...

Congrats on your new job - hope its awesome (and that you dont blow anything up by accident ;-)

Ches said...

Are you Dexter or Deedee?

Prixie said...

you'll be fine, you'll see! those thoughts just sounded like mine when I just started work in the UK...after having not worked in SA for about a year ;p

boldly benny said...

Woohoo, congrats on the new job! Sounds exciting xx

Sass said...

You could just reminisce at dinner parties, for the first couple months at least.

By then, maybe you'll be able to entertain people with stories of blowing things up.

Er..., I mean...I'm sure that won't happen again at this job. ;)


po said...

dash: oops. Bummer.

sleepyjane: totally 100% agree. thank you!

Tamara: heehee please no testube beatings!

Being brazen: what if I blow something up on purpose?

po said...

Ches: both. It's a modern day Jekyll and Hyde.

Prixie: THANK YOU! That is the kind of thing I need to hear. My self doubting voices are strong right now.

Boldly benny: Thanks so much

Sass: good point, I can entertain people with my "exploits"

LadyFi said...

I thought you were studying.. or are you going to be doing both .. or did I just go and get it wrong again?

Make sure you have a little clause that lets you blog and read blogs during work hours!

And - my oh my - what are you going to blog about now?

Oh yes - CONGRATULATIONS... we British just don't know what we are doing! ;-)

po said...

ladyfi: I was studying part time when I had my last job. Actually next year I will break from studying.

And yes you crazy English don't know about dodgy South Africans yet!

LadyFi said...

Lucky we're so crazeeee then!

Mandrake said...

if you stop blogging i'll be stuck with you know who and i'll start pulling out my non-existant-hair. Pleaseee don't force me into that corner, blow up anything you long as you're still a speck of dust in the blogosphere i'll be happy


po said...

ladyfi: lucky for me yes. Lucky for England...if it survives me then yes.

mandrake: I can still blog from heaven, and I can blog from hell. Can I blog from limbo? I hope so :)
and nirvana and the soil and wherever else I may end up.

Kitty Cat said...

At dinner parties you can now talk about your fab new job! Congrats. But shame, adjusting to waking up at an insane hour is gonna be hard.
So, you never told us what the job is?
Congrats! I need a job too. A real one.

po said...

kitty cat: I am so bad at mornings :( I am nervous to mention anything about my job. Paranoia I know!

You are a talented lady kitty, maybe something will find you!

(cyber) sass said...

well done, po! i'm all for whatever gets you out of the poo-ville and into something more like po-ville! ooh, and prestigious, too, go, po!
and b.t.w. - i don't think your idiosyncratic brain will ever come up short on things to blog about!

po said...

sass: thanks so much!

I hope not. it is too much fun.