Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Facebook attack!

Ho my blasted hanky. I keep getting attacked by Facebook. Whenever I open it in Windows explorer it triggers off some popup mania. One million popups of Facebook. Which is weird because popupblocker blocks me from opening any link that I want to open.

Each time I close a window it causes 10 more Facebooklets to popup until my screen is covered in Facebook and the computer crashes.

Please, what is going on out there in the world wide web? Did I do something naughty I don't know about and am being Facebooked to death as a result? Am I being stalked by Facebook?

I am going to buy a bloody typewriter and send everything by carrier pigeon. They are more reliable.


Miss Caught Up said...

Wow! That is bizarre. Looks like you have been hijacked by Facebook or someone writing a script so heinous that you're being hijacked by Facebook.

I agree though. Typewriters are cooler anyways and they make that cool typing sound I miss so much.

Rox said...

Oh no, sounds awful! What about if you open in Firefox, is it ok then?

I stopped using Windows, often had weird bugs and stuff - even with anti-virus.

po said...

miss caught up: heinous is the word! I loved that clackety noise.

rox:I stopped using firefox because it crashed my computer. Explorer became unuseable. I switched to safari and it was great. Now it wont work. And firefox seems my best bet again. My computer is schizophrenic!

LadyFi said...

This is what happens when you don't. listen. to. me.

Download the latest version of Firefox and stop using Explorer! And get rid of Vista too while you're at it.

I use Firefox on my work PC (have got Mac at home) and it works fine. Just fine.

6000 said...

Have you tried not using Facebook?

Works for me.

6000 said...

P.S. IE is just fine. People who say you must use FF are the same people who voted for Obama because "he's kinda cool" and they're in for a nasty shock just now.

Ches said... have Spyware! Downlaod Spybot, it's free, and clean out your PC.

Rox said...

Vista, sheesh. I had to downgrade to XP, my laptop had many a near death experience.

IE is totally not fine, on the few times I have had to use it (mostly after I had to clean up my laptop and reload Vista, then do the downgrade) I managed to pick up something crazy like 60 odd spyware and adware bugs. And that was with anti-virus, and for a few minutes online downloading FF.

Also, just for interest sake, what anti-virus are you using?

If it's Norton, then that may also explain the problem... Norton with IE is a recipe for disaster.

Rox said...

P.S. I would much rather have voted for Obama... not because he's 'kinda cool' but because he is a hell of a lot better than the opposition. And now he's president, lucky US.

Kitty Cat said...

I know, technology! I much prefer to handwrite letters and post them, but alas, no one is on that whole vibe anymore.

po said...

hey y'all the worst part is when I told the bf about all this and tried to show him it didnt happen! he doesn't believe me. I think facebook has it in for me and me alone.

po said...

rox: am using AVG virus checker, the free version.

po said...

ches: spybot. will do.

po said...

6000: I never quite know if you are being ironic or deadly serious or both or neither. As I said before I am as subtle as a testicle.

I am going for ironic. I think you are an Obama- loving firefoxer. I think you google Obama in firefox.

That is my theory and I am sticking with it ;)

P.S I am back on Safari. It makes my blog look pretty. All the other search engines can suck my hanky. Until Safari starts crashing again.