Friday, 21 November 2008

Walk like an Egyptian

We were just driving along the road on our donkeys, as you do, when we came upon a pile of rubble. There were three piles actually, they were quite high and pointy. I think they were built by relations of Wall-e or something. After the aliens had taught them how.

People were taking lots of photos of them pointy things, but if you ask me, they just get in the way of the donkeys.

There is all this weird graffitti all over the place too, buildings covered in little doodles of eyes and birds and beetles. Such vandals.

And just so you know, Egyptians don't walk like "the Egyptians" in the song. Not any more anyway. I did see some camels in the streets of Cairo though. They generally went faster than the cars, which all seem to date back to the 60's.

I am about to get on an overnight train that dates back to about the 50's, and which took 17 hours on the way up. I am not too excited about this prospect. I want my donkey back. He was a speedy one.


LadyFi said...

Great to hear you're enjoying yourself..even if you are a little disappointed by the pyramids!

And how did you find an Internet connection on the back of that speedy donkey?

Sass said...

Aww...I've missed ya!

Enjoy yourself!!!

Being Brazen said...

sounds awesome.

camels are so weird looking, dont you think?

po said...

I am back!

LAdyfi: I wasn't really disappointed at all, just kidding.

Sass: missed you all too

being brazen: I think they are cute!