Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I am overwhelmed with changes at the moment.

I have just been on holiday in good weather, so coming back to the cold UK has been quite a shock to the system.

And I am starting work in one week! I have been off work since February for one reason or another. I have forgotten everything I need to know to survive in a laboratory, so I guess I better do some revising so I don't feel like a total fool when I start.

I remember when I started my last job in a lab, I had been out of Biology for 3 years and I was shitting myself. I felt like a total fraud, pretending I knew what was going on when I had no clue. I spent at least three months in a state of misery and terror before I settled in. I am hoping it won't take so long this time. Being surrounded by PhD students and other geniuses all the time is hard work I tell you.

And a haircut. I had one. A necessary change. For my split ends.

Unfortunately some things haven't changed. My back is a mess after my holiday. It feels like someone has rammed an ironing board back there. I never thought that this injury would be with me after a whole year. I get sore after standing for 10 minutes, so I am not sure how I am going to survive at work.

I am sure I will not be able to blog as much as before, or be able to read as many blogs as before. I used to have blogging anxiety, like if I didn't blog every day then nobody would read it. I realise that this is ridiculous and more than a little self absorbed. Maybe I should practice not blogging every day just to prepare myself. I'm sure I will work out a new routine eventually.

But the biggest change of all is the appearance of weird confetti bits that Colgate have deemed necessary to insert into my emerald green toothpaste. Why the wedding paraphanalia, Colgate? Are you trying to simulate hol(e)y matrimony in my mouth?

My mouth is happily single and unhol(e)y, thanks.


LadyFi said...

Ha - LOL! I, for one, will be sorry if you don't blog every day... but hey! life and work do get in the way sometimes.

My adult toothpaste remains untouched, but the kids' toothpaste now has glittery stars in it, for goodness sake!!

Prixie said...

lol at the colgate.

yeah the weather at the moment has me feeling under the weather. been in my bed for 2 days, being snotty and sickie.

enjoy the first day. once u get in the lab, it will feel like you never left!

po said...

ladyfi: what? I want the glittery stars one!

Prixie sorry to hear it. At least it has been quite sunny, right? right? I think I am becoming british if I am starting to appreciate the BETTER DAYS OF WINTER!

And about the lab, it will probably take a few days but hopefully I will settle in.

Goblin said...

I miss the glittery kids toothpaste. And it was bubble gum flavoured.

Hope the first day goes alright - I'm told they're always better than you expect...on mine I got asked if I enjoy anal sex so...yeah.

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

check your email dude.

6000 said...

Hello. I'm back.

Is that toothpaste really new? - I remember glittery toothpaste.

Hot and Sunnin in CPT. Hellish, I tell you. Hellish.

6000 said...

And Goblin - do you?

po said...

6000: I am a slow starter and behind the times, so this is the first time I have encountered glittery toothpaste.

And ps. I hate you. This makes no sense, you should be here and me there. I am not engineered for such arctic conditions.

And goblin, yes. Do you?

Rox said...

I think there's a Colgate with 'fresh breath strips' or something that sounds suspiciously like the toothpaste you mention. I don't get it either, but that's progression for you.

As for changes and the weather, I can't stand things that we have no control over... it seems a bit much that we have to just put up with the universe like this so often.

po said...

rox: that sounds like the one!

Goblin said...

Na aah, it's icky.

Much like regular non glittery toothpaste.