Monday, 1 December 2008


I am shitting bricks.

How are you?

No really, please tell me what is cooking in your own lives to help me avoid thinking about bricks and the shitting thereof.

P.S. I thought for your voyeristic pleasure I would just inform you that I have been BOBBED. I am not happy about it.

I am a tomboy (read slob. A slob with a bob?) through and through and care very little for hair and nails and clothes and blah. This does not mean that I am not vain, I am exceedingly so, it just manifests itself in less obvious ways.

I have had my hair the same way for ages now. Not by intention. Just that every time I go to the hairdressers, I say the same thing: "I have no idea, I like lots of layers and lengths, preferably shoulder length or just above".

And this seems to translate to exactly the same thing no matter where I get my hair cut. This time for some unfathomable reason I ever so slightly changed it to say "I don't mind if it is slightly shorter than shoulder length" which I took to mean the same as before.

But apparently in hairdresser language, this means BOB!

I hate bobs, I look horrendous in them, and they are such high maintenance. Long hair is great because you can just tie it up and that is that. For me a bob means one thing: mushroom.

I don't appreciate looking like a forest fungus. No good for my credibility. Oi, I can hear you murmuring, "what credi...". I have some. It is just hiding for now. Behind my toadstool head.

I am aware that for a person who professes to care nothing about hair, I have managed to write a lengthy post about my hair. My talents are many and vast.


Goblin said...

Ah no :/ The mushroom bob is awful. Out of curiosity there any particular mushroom it resembles more than others?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that being at work hasn't stopped you posting! So - HOW is your first day at work??!! Or are you too worried about your pudding bowl hair cut to worry...

I'm having a birthday, so come on over and get some cake!

Anonymous said...

The classic yet hated bob! the only people I ever see pulling off a bob very graciously is celebs..............WHY.......... because they have 24 hour stylists just waiting to cut and blowdry and colour, wherever, whenever.

For the rest we look dull and mushroomy like!

Anonymous said...

a bob! A bob is in this season; granted everybody has it; but I like it. I just hate the f**k up Rihanna has on her head now. Sick. I liked it before this cut. grrr. anyway I love my hair at the mo- long but I can tie it without really combing and it comes out styling!!!

Thank you for your comment: Later!!!

6000 said...

"My talents are many and vast."

Yeah, but rumour has it that your hair looks well dodgy...

Kitty Cat said...

Ha ha...I am also a fellow mushroom head at the moment, and I agree with you, for a style that seems so simple, it's incredibly high maintenance! I am dying to grow out my chin-length locks and of course, when you're trying to grow your hair, it seems to take forever! Oh yes, how is the new job?

(cyber)sass said...

ha-ha! another mushroom head here!
i always expect to hate the hairdresser when i have my hair cut. which is why i ALWAYS give incredibly exact instructions as to what i want done. and it ALWAYS is not what i asked for. uhm... lost in translation?!
i console myself with the old "it'll grow" maxim. just what to do in the meantime!

Moe Wanchuk said...

Bob is different than Butch.....right?

po said...

howzit: goblin: hmmm. I am not too good with species names, but definitely more bulbous than the average button mushroom

ladyfi: aha, there is the cunning "scheduled" function. I doubt I will be able to go near blogger at work unfortunately!

mommanats: This bob/blob is the most high maintenance haircut ever

Paula: I am the same, ponytail is my thing

6000: dodgy South AFrican by name and by nature!

kitty cat: new job, very overwhelming, im sure i will settle in soon enough

cybersass: but your hair is curly isn't it? I think you can get away with a bob better if you are curly

Moe: Butch, Bob, what about Norm?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

was thinking 'aint nothing wrong with a bob'
until you made me have a mental picture of a mushroom fungus like head LOL
sorry to rub it in but if your hair style is similar to the one I am envisaging with my vivid imagination 'you are definitely screwed!!'

po said...

miss definitely maybe: Haha I bet it is! I won't be posting any photos that is for shor.

Being Brazen said...

Im not a fan of "the bob" - mainly because i would look awful with one - maybe it looks good on you - show as a picture, Po.

DT said...

Po I had a good laugh reading your post! I think the more vague we are with the hairdressers the more they seem so assume!

po said...

being brazen: haha no way, too shy, take my word for it, it looks nasty!

DT: I will never be vague again!

redsaid said...

Dammit! I can't BELIEVE I missed your first day of work, and the horrendous hair cut! (Although I'm SURE you still look great. In fact, I'm sure you are one of those annoying women who would look good even with a shaved head, a la CraZayZee Britney circa Jan. 2007.)

Well, I'm here now.

I'm assuming England is still in tact?

And have you figured out what that hypo mutant thingymajigy is yet?

po said...

redsaid: helloooo. no really i am one of those ladies who looks awful no matter what the hair is doing.

as to the mutant. oh i have a vague vague idea. It is mutated right so ...yeah.