Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tis the season to be blobby?

On the 12th day of Christmas the season gave to me:

12 turkey drumsticks
11 mince pies a piping
10 roast potatoes
9 christmas parties
8 eggnog smoothies
7 work functions
6 geese and stuffing
4 family dinners
3 fried hens
2 mulled wines
and a partridge in a pear pie.

Vanity aside. I cannot afford a new wardrobe this year. I have not been PAID yet. The amount of food I am going to be exposed to in the next two weeks is ridiculous. How does one survive without incurring apoplexy?

IS it really necessary to have so many dinners and functions and meals before Christmas? Quite frankly, it loses its novelty after one.

JustB[coz] mentioned the possibility of a "nekkid summer". I may be spending a "nekkid winter" but I will freeze to death. I guess I will just have to wear my coat with nothing underneath all winter.

I just hope the next few months are not too windy.


Being Brazen said...

ha ha ha - I also wrote a post about christmas and food :)

LadyFi said...

LOL! It's always windy in the UK.. I suggest undies under the winter coat. Or why not wear your lab coat all the time?

Our work function consists of eating all sorts of horrible food... guess I'll just have to watch. Or nibble on a salad leaf, my nails or someone's ear lobes, depending on mood.

Miss T said...

Tell me about it I still have 3 more Christmas lunches/dinners before i go home and then it all starts again...*sigh*

Rox said...

Here in the big bad city, it's season and food. Not even Christmas food - I just seem to be going out so damn much lately, it's crazy.

And, I can't do any sort of exercise due to my sore knee, meh. Not that I have had much time anyway, but still.


po said...

BB : great minds and stomachs think alike?

LAdyfi: What food could possibly be horrible??!!

Miss T: madness, madness I tell you

Rox: yeah I cant do much exercise with my screwed up back and disgusting laziness:)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I have been to two christmas lunches and have four bring your owns lined up this week .
im dreading the pounds
dont need love handles
dont have a man
and at this rate I have a better chance of having a closer relationship to christmas pudding

po said...

miss definitely maybe: hahahahah you made me laugh. I know what you mean about the love handles!