Thursday, 18 December 2008

Party pooped


2 parties, one evening, in two towns 60 kilometers apart.

Am I dead? Is this heaven? If so please send me to hell.

At least it will be warmer.

Party 3 is today.

If I live through all this I may never eat again. At least until Easter.


Being Brazen said...

sounds crazy - good luck :)

LadyFi said...

I hear you! Went out last night. Didn't drink but still feel dead this morning!

6000 said...

60kms? Or 40 miles?

As long as neither of the are in Birmingham, it would surely have been great.

Wait till you and BFG settle down and pop kids. Party time is OVA! So enjoy it while you can.

Kitty Cat said...

January is nearly here..then you can make all sorts of resolutions!

po said...

BB: it was but I feel surprisingly alive this morning!

6000:No Birmingham. Keniulworth actually.

According to google, it is roughly 30 miles. But that makes it sound short!

Kids? Popping? aaaargh!!! it is too early in the morning for those thoughts!

ladyfi: Yeah these days I get hangovers without even drinking so I know what you mean.

kitty cat: every year I make impossible ones. Lets see what next year brings.

Prixie said...

exciting times!hehehee enjoy it!

Rox said...

I am feeling normal for once, because I didn't go out last night. Trying to get another night off to prepare for the weekend, but will have to see.

The last week or so has been manic to say the least - can't handle another 12 hour stint, not at my age anyway, hehe.

MidniteGem said...

OMG - that sounds hectic!

Louisa said...

Urgh! I know what you mean...I am still trying to mentally prepare myself for the amount of food my mother expects me to eat over Christmas. She gives me a run down of the intended menu every day - and I swear it gets more each time she does.

I might not even eat by easter again - possible only in June for me.

Good luck!

po said...

Rox: yeah your average weeked sounds like what I am going through now!

Prixie: thanks hey

midnite gem: well yes, and I am not usually the most sociable of people

Louisa: tell me about it. I normally love eating but even I have my limits

Moe Wanchuk said...

The guys in our London office call in all the time and I always say...."Gidday Mate"
They finally told me the other day that that's Australian.....oops.

po said...

oh moe. hahaha

Anonymous said...

well, at least you're eating some good food at these par-tays!

today i've managed to consume 3 pieces of chocolate, some raw cookie dough, and two baked cookies. i feel the button on my jeans straining as i type. how will i get through the season!? someone pass me a drink.

po said...

curlywurly girly: what we need is elasticated jeans. Brilliant