Wednesday, 10 December 2008

No! Could there be... MORE??

I had planned to write a whingey post about how the universe was kicking me in the nads, and then I remembered: I don't have any. But if I did, I would be sterile right now.

Rox tagged me and so I shall regale you with 6 fascinating facts about me instead. Ha. You thought you had heard everything there was to hear about the enthralling topic that is me? Think again buddy, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

1) For about 8 years I ate nothing but peanut butter sandwiches. Literally. No dinner or anything. I got a little bit bored of them by about year 6.25. But kept going for the sake of continuity... You would never guess but nowadays I never eat peanut butter.

2) I cannot drive. I have put this in another meme before but it is so ridiculous that it is worth repeating. I may be the oldest non-driver on this earth. BFG is giving me lessons. But really really people, you don't want me on your roads. Which one is "left" again? And the brake is where exactly? I thought that pole was there to stop me.

3) I have a fairly addictive personality. I drink way too much coffee. And whenever I buy food I eat it all in one go, or else it starts calling to me to be eaten. Hence I never shop for more than one day's food at a time. Too dangerous.

4) I loved roller skating as a kid. I could do spins and jumps and everything. Rollerblades are so second rate.

5) As a wee barn I cried my eyes out watching
Herbie. I couldn't handle the car getting rejected. People getting slaughtered and amputated, no problem. But a dejected car made me howl.

6) I could never accept that men are so much stronger than women. It always seemed unfair. I wanted to be strong and be able to do amazing stuff like guys. I am still like that. I am glad I am a chick so that I have actual brains and know about life the universe and everything, but I wish I could do one finger pull-ups too.

I have decided to tag one person and one person only. I think of this as a little experiment. I have the person down as the type who scorns tags and abhors them more than the bubonic plague. Knowing his profession, the bubonic plague is probably cuddly in comparison. But perhaps I have totally misread him. Either way, my tagging policy is, if you don't want to do it, please don't strain your wrist. I will never be offended.

6000, you are the winner of a big, fat TAG!

P.S. I have a guest splatter on my other blog, Typesplat. Cybersass was kind enough to send me some of her stuff. She posts a lot of her poems on her blog, which are really good. You should check them out.


Rox said...

I only learned to drive this year, it took a long time and it was possibly one of the biggest challenges of my adult life... but I managed.

Can't say I'm a very good driver, and I may not actually have a car or get to drive much, but I got through that hurdle. At 28.

I share your addictive personality traits to a point, I stopped smoking and booze isn't really a big deal, but when it comes to chocolate and certain foods (and coffee) that's a different story.

And I won't even get started on the things that make me cry in movies... for such a hardass I get very mushy, lol.

LadyFi said...

Lucky for us women that we too were not given balls for brains!

My friend's mum can't drive and she is over 60 - that makes you the second oldest person who can't drive maybe?

I STILL howl over films like Herbie!

Being Brazen said...

Wow, thats alot of penaut butter...

You'll learn to drive when you have to - thats usually how it works.

6000 said...

Sorry to be predictable.
6 cuddly things I'd rather have than fulfil a TAG:

1. Salmonella typhimurium
2. Escherichia coli O157
3. Vibrio cholerae
4. Peanut butteris
5. Bacillus anthracis
and yes: 6. Yersina pestis

You're very perceptive! ;@)

sleepyjane said...

I hated learing to drive. It was like pulling teeth. Thankfully my mom is a persistent bitch and today I'm a proud owner of a licence.

Dash said...

i can't believe you can claim that the universe is kicking your arse so much when you manage to be so upbeat and funny about it...

Anonymous said...

you sound interesting n cool.

sass said...

peanut butter sandwiches for 8 years - OMG - what kind of masochist are you?! i like pb, but so not exclusively!
and yeah, i only learnt to drive when i was 25. i had to. i was presenting for mnet and had to drive across town, so i went to a car market, handed the guy some cash (R6000 at the time for a fab red baja bug), called a friend to drive it home and then said, "alright, teach me to drive." i think it took a week and then i was hurtling through traffic. necessity being the mother that she is.
b.t.w. tried to leave a message on typlesplat but they wouldn't let me. thanks for my first "guest-blog"! :-)

Kitty Cat said...

I see that no one has asked you the crucial question - WHY did you only eat peanut butter sandwiches for 8 years? What on earth possessed you to do that?

And don't worry, my best friend only got her license at 29. She was nervous, but she did it in the end.

po said...

Rox: I shall take your lead here. Baby steps. At the moment I am driving around empty parking lots at night. that is about all I can handle!

Ladyfi: I kind of feel better knowing that, but not too much, cos driving probably wasn't so common in her day!

Being brazen: I think you are right. But I am trying to get a head start.

po said...

6000: a list of 6 cuddly bacteria you prefer to being tagged? That sounds ominously close to a TAG to me!

Those facts are rather random after all.

sleepyjane: I agree teeth being pulled, no anaesthetic.

Dash: it is a twisted form of therapy!

sass: Lets just say I was a bit touched as a teenager. Strangely, the BFG did almost exactly the same thing, he used to eat peanut butter with a spoon.

I cant believe you cant comment, how screwy. blogger must be misbehaving.

kitty cat: I honestly am not sure. I guess I created many odd eating disorders throughout my life but the one constant was that at least I ate peanut butter sandwiches!

po said...

anonymous: thank you. I am not so sure about the cool!

po said...

6000: peanut butteris?? Must be what I was infected with for all those years.

A bacillus?

po said...

sass: i had my typesplat blog on funny settings, you should be able to comment now.

Goblin said...

If 6000 ever does a meme I will be so surprised!

Some interesting facts there :)