Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Le WC a mangé mon téléphone

This story is a friend's, but it is worthy of a retell.

He and a French colleague were in France for a work meeting. They were on a train. Soon after the train left their station it stopped.

They sat, and sat... people started swearing. They sat some more. Then the train went back to the station. Nobody knew what the hell was going on. No announcements or anything. After about an hour the fire engine arrived. Finally they found out what the delay was.

Some dude had dropped his phone down the train toilet. And had decided to stick his hand down the toilet to retrieve it. What goes in must come out right? Wrong. He got his arm stuck in the toilet. 

Euw euw and euw. Train toilets are never the nicest. The ones in England always smell terrible. Imagine having your face stuck so close to one for what turned out to be two hours.

Here is the thing. Train toilets often empty out straight onto the track. Which is why I avoid them like the plague; I mean, imagine the poor people who have to work on the tracks! 

Now how this guy, who apparently was French, FORGOT this fact, and failed to notice the breeze on his cheeks, is beyond me. His phone was out there in traintrack (human)waste land somewhere. 

But he sure had dedication. I would not stick my whole arm down a grotty toilet for a phone.

So after two hours they managed to free his arm. It must have been in deep.

Let go dude, shit happens.


Rox said...

Hahaha, classic! People are stupid the world over - fact.

LadyFi said...

Mowhahahaha... Shit happens - but preferably not in a train loo!

Wonder if he then walked the length of his track looking for his soggy cell phone...

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

dude. did you check your email. you won the tarot giveaway!

Goblin said...

I will never love my phone that much. My PSP...maybe.

6000 said...

I'd go down there after my phone. French train toilets are far nicer than regular French toilets, in my experience.

(cyber)sass said...

though i have to confess to fishing my cellphone out of a wc once. took a while for it to dry out, but then it actually worked again!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh. My. God!! That is disgusting and I think I may have wretched at the thought! Charming!! hahaha

redsaid said...

Oh, hahahahahahahahaha, I think I've just ruptured an internal organ from laughing so hard. Thanks a lot for that!!!

Dude, though... NOT EVEN FOR A FRIGGIN iPhone.

6000 said...

@redsaid: You'd never know what had touched the touchscreen.

Po said...

Rox: strue!

LAdyfi: um, I wonder... wouldnt he get squished?

EXMI: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goblin: heehee, imagine dropping that downa train loo.

Po said...

6000: yeah my experience of french public toilets was not good. They dont seem to believe in seats.

cybersass: yeah but I would do that too, but these train ones...eeuw.

Blondie: sorry :)

Redsaid: maybe for an iphone.. but since the loo opens on the track anyway, really not worth it!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

thats some shit right there

po said...

miss definitely maybe: haha good one!

Tamara said...

Hehehehe... "the toilet ate my phone" would surely make for an interesting insurance claim ;-)

po said...

Tamara: I think a valid one :)