Monday, 2 February 2009

Tales of two cities.

Disclaimer: It may appear that I am a loser expat who harps on about South Africa all the time, and only reads South African stuff. This is not true. I read everything I can get my hands on. I even even (and you can tell this to your friends) once read twenty pages of James Joyce's Ulysses. Okay, maybe fifteen. Fifteen whole pages of garbled nonsense. I cannot tell you what it was about, as much of it was in foreign languages anyway, but I persevered for that long. And he was Irish, see?

It just so happened that recently I read two books by South African women roughly the same age as me, both of whom also happen to blog, and both of whose blogs I read regularly. The books are: Strange Nervous Laughter by Bridget McNulty and Mushy Peas on Toast by Mushy Peas on Toast, aka Laurian Clemence.

This is awesome in so many ways. Even though I haven't met these women, I feel I know their blog personas at least. And they are my age and South African and they have made it in the big world of writing. And that inspires me no end.

And it is so much fun reading novels set in the country you are from. There is not a huge abundance of South African fiction out there. Strange Nervous Laughter is set in my hometown of Durban, and it is a novelty to be reading about familiar landmarks as the backdrop to a story. Even Sunrise Chip n Cheese aka Johnnies rotis makes it in there. Legend. I have fond memories of forcing their rotis down my throat and then trying to forget I ever did. They must be the South African equivalent of Discworld's Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler and his "sausages inna bun".

I digress. The novels are good too. Strange Nervous Laughter by Bridget McNulty has been out for a while, but I only read it last month. It is indeed full of strange characters with unusual abilities, brought together during one of Durban's hottest summers. One character can speak Whale, another can hear death. Another discovers a hidden talent for motivational speaking.

Anyone who has experienced a humid Durban summer knows that at the point at which your head goes all fuzzy and your limbs are fluid, well, anything can happen. A person can break the World record for eating exclusively green food, and not only that, he can attract a beautiful woman who wouldn't usually look at him twice. And more importantly, he can keep that attraction alive.

Then there is Mushy Peas on Toast, by Laurian Peas O' Toast Clemence. This book is hilarious and quirky, much like Peas herself. She chronicles the adventures of a newly single girl in Jozi, the city of gold; a girl with a penchant for Norwegian salmon and Lionel Richie. A girl who makes prospective boyfriends pass the guinea pig test:

"Randy is just a laid back, happy guy, who I can't help but adore. Take for example when I first introduced him to my pet guinea pig. Mason-Rodney took to him just like that, which rarely happens, as Mason-Rodney is very picky." (p76).

If you read Peas's blog and find her unique take on life amusing, you will love her book. She must be one of the funniest South Africans out there at the moment.

If you are not South African, that should not stop you from reading these novels. They are both about love, and love is universal. Not so universal are the ways in which the various characters choose to deal with love, guinea pig or no.

Just remember: if you do read them, South Africa is not a country invaded by weird androids from the future. "Robots" is just the name we give to traffic lights. Ask not why. Just smile and nod and remember, we spent a lot of time in virtual isolation from the rest of the world.


6000 said...

Ever since Ben Trovato published all his columns in a book each year, there seems to be this huge market for SA bloggers to publish all their posts in a book.
It's just the same old stuff, over and over again. Very sad and not ever so entertaining.

Until I do it, obviously.

Dash said...

what's your masterpiece gonna be about?

Tay said...

You do know your blog was featured in Cosmo this month? (If you did know, apologies for being backward) YAY PO!!!! Well done!

The Spear said...

Just the other day the wife and I were bitching about the lack of good SA novelists.

po said...

6000: I think you are " a professional cynic but your heart's not in it". Actually, as far as I know Bridget McNulty wrote her book and only started blogging afterwards.

And as for Peas on toast, the book was based on the blog, but I think the Peas in the book is partly fictional and is not the real Peas. This is what I gather at least.

Dash: gosh, um... cheese. On rye bread :)

Tay: hectic, no! That is so cool! I would love to readi it, what are the chances they deliver to the UK?

Spear: These are different to the more politically conscious ones out there, which is refreshing, although of course I enjoy the political ones too, and they have their place. But somethimes it is just nice to read about guinea pigs and Whales.

Rox said...

Both look like good reads - been wanting to read the Bridget McNulty one for ages, and the Peas one too.

Charlotte said...

I liked SNL and reviewed it, with some criticism. Mushy Peas sounds fabulous though - I must give it a go.

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

will definitely check out the books
they should pay you though for the free advertising lol

Tay said...

Drop me a mail with your postal address and I will mail you a copy!! :-)

LadyFi said...

Wow - your blog mentioned in Cosmo. Way to go!!

Thanks for the book tips - I love all things quirky and funny!

Tamara said...

OMW... Johnnies Rotis... did you ever look inside one before you ate it? I hear that it's like staring death in the face. Was never brave enough to ruin my supper myself.

Can't wait to read your book, Po.

po said...

Tay: that would be wesome!!!

But it will probably cost loads, maybe you could email me your bank details and I can make a deposit? If you feel comfortable sending a relative stranger your bank details that is?

Tamara: I am quite lax about food and germs and stuff. But indigestion was massive after one of those rotis.

As for the masterpiece... well, we can always wish...

Ladyfi: thanks! How do they hear about these things?

All you other peeps: reccommended reading. Kalahari is a good site to buy these books if you are over the seas.

Tay said...

Nah, shouldn't be too bad! Think it's great your blog was featured and you need a keepsake! My good deed for the month will be done :-)