Sunday, 15 February 2009

Just a thought

cowabunga fellow mutants

Here is a nice, relaxful point to ponder to ease you into your restful Sunday-before-work-remember-work-don't-get-too-comfortable-because-there-is-work-tomorrow routine.

"The identity between the identity of identity and identity, and the identity of différance and différance, is their différance."

I heard this on an iTunes U lecture on deconstruction. I only had to play that sentence, oh about 800 times, before I could figure out what it meant, and even then it was a brief flash of understanding, which is since long gone. Anyone care to explain to me what it means, and how philosophers can get away with such crap, just by playing silly games with words?

(P.S. Too orange? Be blunt. I need to know. I love all colours and combinations so I have no clue what looks good).


Goblin said...

Ah philosophy. If it sounds confusing, you're doing it right.

LadyFi said...

It's a fine line between philosophy and bullshit. This quotation has crossed that line.

I like the orange - it's kind of dark, maybe something a tiny bit lighter and brighter and dazzling - like you?

Dash said...

amen lady FI!

The Spear said...

I already started working. The Muslim countries start work on Sunday and have their weekend on Friday and Saturday.

I guess they are showing us Infidels.

On the quote, "Too much for a simpleton like me."

Astharis said...

I think that the statement is easier to understand if you break it down a little...

"The identity between the identity of identity and identity, and the identity of différance and différance, is their différance."

For things are being spoken about:
1) the identity of identity
2) identity
3) the identity of différance
4) différance

1 & 2 are being compared. 3 & 4 are being compared. I don't really know much about deconstruction, but I think that it's to do with the actual meanings of words (identity), as in comparison of what they imply they mean (the identity of identity).

I hope that helped in any way at all!

po said...

Goblin: In that case I should be a world leader!

Ladyfi: what a profound statement.
Maybe you are right about the bright orange, I prefer bright, but I thought it might assault more refined eyes.

Dash: you mean you aren't gonna tell me what it means?

The spear: oh yeah, sorry, I dogot about that. Well, that must screw up your Saturday evenings then.

Astharis: hectic. You actually managed to break it down. Impressive. I think the one time I managed to follow it I thought of the things being compared as A and B rather than the words and it worked. Momentarily. It is too much effort to decipher it again.

Tamara said...

Lol at Goblin ;-)

My advice... find some easier listening!

po said...

Tamara: yeah today I listened to music, far more pleasant :)