Friday, 6 February 2009

Which tree would that be?

In cases of severe snow: Build giant ball. Uses up the snow, see?

Continuing in the Men. What planet? theme, here is a conversation between me and the BFG to illustrate my point.

Whilst we were walking in the snow:

BFG: Check out that tree.

Po: Which one?

BFG: The one without any leaves.

Po: Sweetie, none of them have any leaves. It's winter.

BFG. Oh. (looks around at all the trees) good point. Ok, the big one.


I rest my case.


Being Brazen said...

Snow is so cool

LadyFi said...

LOL! But actually, some trees do have leaves - OK - well needles, if you like...

Love the big ball of snow - the light coating of dirt really shows off its whiteness.

6000 said...

What was so remarkable about the big tree with no leaves?

Dash said...

who the idiot? him? or you for hanging What a champion. I like that guy.

po said...

BB: there is a lot of it about. Well, actually it is melting at a rate of knots.

Ladyfi: these were not the needly type.

6000: no idea. can't remember. It was too much effort just trying to locate the offending tree.

dash: bfg is the awesomest guy I have ever met, and his hilarious endeavours are what I love most :)

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

LOL Boys!

Medio Pomelo said...

Hahaha, funny conversation, patience is the key dear Po! :)

po said...

medio: we established which tree it was in the end!

Brit gal sarah: to be honest you could switch the speakers around, it is the kind of thing I would say too!

The Spear said...