Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Wonder Years

Being Brazen tagged everybody who reads her blog to post a picture of themselves from their youthful days.

I was nearly too chicken. I value my anonymity here. But I decided to put up a picture for one day. I tag anyone else brave enough to do it too.

I have only a few blurrily scanned photos of my youth.

Here is one. I feel like I am appearing nekkid in front of the world right now:


I think I am about 10 or 11 here. It was somebody's birthday party and I was busy stuffing myself with sweets.

The person I could not quite edit out of the photo is my brother. This photo really does portray the Wonder Years then, seeing as he is now dead.

I really don't feel sad any more when I see pictures of him. We may have had some terrible times, but most of my photos of him portray happy times, and these are the best memories to have in the end. The only ones worth dwelling on. Judging from the rest of the photo, this was a happy day.

My look seems to be one of both amused bemusement and suspicion. Which is much like how I still view the world today.

At least some things have not changed then.


Kitty Cat said...

You are a cutie!

Being Brazen said...

You did it!!!Hooray!

Such a cute picture.

Champagne Heathen said...

Because Alice Bands were HOT in the '80s!

LadyFi said...

I love childhood photos. Glad you have good memories even though your brother is no longer alive.

Ches said... that little Po Po?

Alice Bands rock! Look at David Beckham!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's a cute picture! Yous a cutie!

Rox said...

Very cute picture, and models everywhere have tried to emulate that suspicious look - you can pull it off chick!

Photographs are strange like that, like moments frozen in time. I feel weird when I see pics of me and my dead cousin (who was like my twin) - it's almost as though she was a ghost throughout those days, very surreal.

I like this tag, think I will play along too. When I have done my bag one from Louisa!

SwissTwist said...

oohhh weren't you just a cutey pie :-)

Dash said...

i think it looks more devilish like that kid from the Omen. What's his name?

MidniteGem said...

great pic - i love the look your giving the camera. I was def tempted to put on up on my blog - but i realised i dont have any scanned pic of my anything under 18.

boldly benny said...

Cute! I LOVE the look you're giving the picture - so descriptive!

Tamara said...

So glad you posted a pic of you. And you were adorable in your suspiciousness.

DT said...

Gosh I love how sceptical you look! You look wise beyond your years!!

Louisa said...

That's quite a menacing look for a 10 year old Po.

And you're not as pale as you described as all, I can see you quite clearly - must be the lack of sun over there then? ;-)

6000 said...

I think it's mainly the suspicion.

Which is the right way to go about things.

po said...

Kitty cat and BB: you thought I was cute? Well, thank you. I have to say though, I did not improve with age!

Champs: hmm, apparently so. All my childhood pics have these abominable ones

ladyfi: I am glad too. It is weird how photos bring good memories to the fore

ches: if you say so :) you gonna put a little chessie on your blog?

po said...

sleepyjane: hehe I can't believe you guys think that thing is cute! A bit odd looking maybe :)

rox: wow, I am not sure if I still dothat look, will have to go check in the mirror:)

Yeah I still do freak out a tiny bit when I see pics of my brother but mostly now they just make me smile.

Swisstwist: thanks!

Dash: mwahaha are you calling me evil spawn AND a boy, all in one sentence? I am truly honoured!

midnite gem: Yeah I only have three pics that I scanned once. All the rest are with my mom

Boldly benny: maybe someone was trying to steal my sweets?

Tamara: hehe I am not so sure my mom would agree :)

DT: Sceptical I have definitely remained :)

6000: I think I was always suspicious of adults, and for good reason, the buggers were always up to no good. Or it could just be that I had stomach cramps from all the sweets. We shall never know.

Louisa: well you see, in SA my freckles fused so that I was visible.

Anonymous said...

Buh buh....I missed it...

po said...

irish chicken soup: you didn't miss much hon. But maybe I could put it up again... I shall see :)