Friday, 27 February 2009

Almost post

This is a picture of a dot. My computer died yesterday, taking all my pictures with it. I have had to improvise on the blog decor.

I am currently trying in a thousand different ways not to expire messily all over my lab bench.

The Killers killed me. Snigger. How is that for a sentence that should never have been written down?

It was so worth it though. There were violins, bubbles, rains of fire and confetti, and mr Flowers in an incredibly tight pair of pants.

And I could swear that I heard him sing: "are we human, or are we hamster?"

In fact I do, I swear it on my voluptous D cups that I do not have.

Not only that, but the line "I got ham but I'm not a hamster" was definitely a possibility too.

The hamster lives.



DT said...

The killers would totally kill me too! I am soooo jealous. Everything around me is tainted green.

Dash said...

haha, sounds like you tried SOMETHING last night! lol

Being Brazen said...

I belieeeeeve in the hamster...

sounds like an awesome time. Long live hamster...

Ps - thank God its Friday!

Ches said...

Ha ha Po. Thats the first I heard that. Hilarious.

Tamara said...

Sucks about your computer.

Lol at the hamster. Is it dramatic?

6000 said...

STill drunk, then?

Was up all night watching twitter for the cellphone video link of the concert.




po said...

DTI hope you get to see them one day, they are so so good live! I was expecting it to be about the music more than the performance, but Brandon Flowers was awesome, he was having a ball.

Dash: I tried nothing, nothing at all. What are you implying here, hmm hmm?

BB: 1 converted, excellent!

Long live hamster, and thank freak it is Friday

Ches: you have to listen to the songs rally closely and then you will hear

Tamara: I know! I knew it would happen and it happened on the day th warranty expired, but they still took it in. Thanks for the link, will check it out after work.

6000: I so wanted to record some live clips of the hamster songs, but my phone os from the dark ages and my sister was off form, she usually takes a million pics and clips, but not one.

Oh well, we actually listened then!

Lopz said...

Pahahahaha, that line is WAY better than the actual lyric! WTF is up with "dancer" in the singular anyway? Drives me nuts. So jealous, my mate went as well and he said they rocked the shit out of it.

LadyFi said...

Oh dear... but it sounds a great way to go!

po said...

Lopz: that is an excellent way to put it. They did rock the shit out of it.

I love the Killers, but their lyrics are a bit daft!

Ladyfi: it was. But I seem to have reincarnated. Unfortunately as another seamonkey.