Saturday, 31 January 2009

Picture Devon

Rox tagged me to find the 6th photo in the 6th file in my My Picture folder and to post it and explain it.

I cheated a bit, because the 6th file in my My Pictures folder is actually not a photo file at all (no, it is not porn ok? It is random crap I tried to make with Photoshop this one time. With no nudity involved whatsoever). 

So here is the 6th photo from the 7th folder.

This is Dartmoor in Devon. We drove down there for the weekend last year. Sheesh, check out that amazing blue sky. See, they happen in England too (I need to remind myself). Boy do I long for a sky like that now.

BFG was of course hunting for boulders to climb. I was broken at this stage and so not climbing. The rocks there are beautiful but very odd looking. They basically look like huge mounds of cow poo. They are all blobby and, well, splatty. 

How appropriate then that the place was full of cows, doing their thing in miniature all over the place. Don't you think it looks like this coobeastie just finished doing its business and the result is that significant mound emanating from its rear?


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Dartmoor is one of my fave places to just escape all the rush if life in England

LadyFi said...

Love the picture! Oh - and the glorious azure of the sky!

That could be the cow with the world's biggest cowpat coming out of its backside... but my first thought was that it was playing hide and seek with you.

Rox said...

It has a guilty look on its face, clearly up to no good that cow.

P.S. Awesome picture!

po said...

Brit gal sarah: It is stunning. I think Cornwall is my favourite actually

Ladyfi:playing hide and seek behind the world's biggest cowpat perhaps?

Rox: yip, dodgy cow. Probably up to some bad shit, yeah?

Dash said...

wow! epic picture. epic!

6000 said...

There are reports of tiny people being spotted on Dartmoor.

Did you see any?

po said...

Dash: crazy cow huh?

6000: both BFG and I are short, in fact we are often called hobbits. Does this count?