Sunday, 18 January 2009

Random post

What a beautiful sunny day. 
The sky is blue instead of grey.
Even though I have not been outside,
the sight of the sun makes me feel so much lighter inside.

It may be the sign of a weak spirit, that my happiness depends upon the hue of the sky, 
                          but it does.

Sadly I really think I should be living in a country
where the appearance of the sun is a regular occurrence rather than a precious 

                    Some day.


Rox said...

At least that sounds cool and introspective... I just did a post on low carb lasagna. Which is making me hungry, but for gazpacho*.

* My sister had some leftover, and had a taste when I went to fetch her from the farm yesterday... too yummy.

P.S. We have blue skies too, but it's windy as hell here today.

Medio Pomelo said...

I so understand the feeling. I can't imagine how people in Nordic countries deal with the darkness in the winter. It is bad enough when it's light but cloudy...

Dash said...

go to Australia. Its got all the great bits about England and none of the bad bits. Cricket, Rugby, good teeth, kick arse beaches and the only whinging poms are tourists...and at least they leave after a while.

I'm kidding, I love poms, but Oz truly is awesome.

po said...

Rox: That lasagne sounds amazing.

Medio pomelo: Yeah I don't either but as I say, my spirit may be weak...

Dash: trust me I am considering it. It is the great South African cliché to go to Aus, but I am not averse to clichés.

LadyFi said...

Some whinging Poms move to Sweden and become yak people!

Medio Pomelo - the days are short here in Sweden, but at least it's not grey all the time. We do actually have lots of cold sun and blue skies.

Apart from that, we're all totally bonkers of course...

po said...

Ladyfi: I wonder, could I bear lots of darkness, snd yaks, but with the tradeoff of blue skies, over lots of greyness.

Nah I am just a banana person!

6000 said...

You could go to Australia, but it's full of Australians, be warned.
Oh - and racist South African ex-pats.

You could stay in the UK. Yes, there are a lot of whining, arrogant Aussies, but avoid SW London and they tend to be thankfully more sparse.

Why not SA? I'm dying for Wednesday to come along - 30% chance of some rain - AT LAST!

Being Brazen said...

Move to Cape Town :) problem solved

DT said...

How lovely Po! I agree totally with Bazen! Must say the wind is pretty horrible right now - but the sun is still shining!

mylifescape said...

ah i love it!

po said...

6000: yeah but there are loads of racist South Africans in SA too!

Sing it with me: "I've never met a nice Seouth Efriken..."

BB, DT: my dream is to move back there if work and other things come together

Definelife: thanks!

Miss T said...

my moods are also linked to the sun sadly :)

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

i miss the sun too
hate this crap british weather