Thursday, 14 May 2009

Talking shite

Here is a post of utter randomness. I am bored alone at home and have this urge to write. But nothing to write about.

  • I really do love the Killers. My interest has grown from a passing enjoyment to a strong like and is now probably bordering on obsession. And Brandon Flowers is totally hot. It is the eyeliner. Lead singers wearing eyeliner do it for me in a big way.

  • I don't care that he is a Mormon. I have nothing against Mormons or any kind of religious beliefs. You are free to believe and practice whatever you want so long as that does not involve harming others, in my opinion.

  • I just don't happen to personally believe that Joseph Smith saw angels or had these gold bars with sacred texts on them, or that Jesus visited the US of A. But if you believe that Brandon, that is fine by me. You are hot so anything you do is just fine by me. Perhaps you should lay off the skin tight leather pants though, even hot people look less hot in those.
  • You looking for a second wife?

Just keeding, I never plan to get married. Is there anyone else out there who never wants to get married? When I tell people this, loads of people say, oh yes, me too. And then are married two years later.
They mean that it is all a big hassle and stressful and they are a bit wary of it. But of course they will do it in the end.

But I really really mean it. No marriage for me. And I have never actually met anyone else who really means it. Anyone?

  • All I want to do all day is sleep and eat and eat and eat. And climb. I have turned into a sloth. What to do? Is there some kind of sloth antidote or prophylactic or vaccine or at least something to ease the symptoms?
  • Work stresses me out. I am tired of pretending to be something I am not. But if it is the game I have to play to get through life and get a salary then fine. I accept. This is partly why I don't want to get married. That is one social game too many for me.
  • I have nothing against people getting married. I am all for it if it is what you want and believe in and it is a special moment. It just wouldn't be for me, so I would be faking it and playing along with a game I am not interested in. So I aint gonna. Living in sin has worked for me so far. I am tired of the games. I may have mentioned that somewhere before.
  • Now I just gotta persuade the BFG that I need to take Brandon as a second live-in lover. Our eyeliner bills will double. Maybe he can give me some lessons. I never quite worked that shit out.


LadyFi said...

Over here in Sweden living in partnership is the same as being married and no one thinks any less or more of it... The only difference is when it comes to having kids, then it is best to write out some sort of will.

No one ever ever asks you to fill in any kind of form asking you if you are a Mr. Ms. Miss or Mrs. It's quite simply totally irrelevant and not interesting.

So, you're in good company with a lot of people in Scandinavia who do not want to get married either!

Anonymous said...

Sweden sounds like it has a brain!

Marriage scares me, even though I want to be with the same person forever and have kids, but I don't want to be legally bound to the person but I think I'll land up getting married because the guy insists. If i muster up the courage I won't change my surname though, definitely not.

po said...

Ladyfi: Wow I am impressed with the Swedish attitude, although as I say I have nothing against marriage for other people.

I think I would fit in well there. In the UK it seems like it is the expected thing.

Anonymous: I have been hearing more and more that the guy is the one who wants to get married, which I think is pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit - guyliner does it for me too.

Henno said...

Sloth prophylactic? I can think of a number which come in abbreviated form like MDMA, etc. Unless you meant it in like a slow monkey condom kind of way...?

6000 said...

If you have turned into a sloth already, then it's a bit late for a prophylactic, isn't it?

No marriage, huh? Not wanting to be disrespectful (which is exactly what I am about to be), but I think a lot of people - married people - have been there, thought that.
No kids either, I guess?

Ja Riiiiight!

Let's review in 12 years time, dahlink. ok? x

po said...

sleepyjane: it is hot I know. Panda eyes.

henno: slow monkey condom whahaha!

6000: I dunno, what if repeated exposure is what is causing the issues?

As to your "jaaaaa riiiight", I am totally considering having kids. I know I will be the most disasterous parent ever, but as far as I can see, the point to existence includes procreation. I even have a kind of schedule in my head.

But no marriage. What is the point? I am even too slothful to not marry just to prove you wrong.

I just can't be bothered with all that. And I am a closet militant feminist too :)

Helen said...

I love the Killers, although I tend to over-do it and then can't listen to them anymore...

I don't know what my thoughts are on guyliner, but I use a lot of eyeliner... so if I ended up with one of them at least I'd have somehting to talk to them about...

I tagged you by the way!

po said...

Helen: too much killers? NO!

Actually yes, I know what you mean. I have been playing them all day in the room with the flies and I do need a break now and then.

Anonymous said...

hmmm; I wanna get married- but only for the wedding day. If there was some way to just be partners AND have the wedding day it would be awesome. Plus I like the idea of marriage. Loving someone whose not family like family but more than family- it's arbly fascinating to me.

The Killers... the jury is still out on that one for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait and to call someone husband... and be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen (overseeing that the chef is making my sandwich just the way I like it) :D

Goblin said...

Meeeeee. I don't give a toss about marriage. All the people I know think it's silly but I say to them - what's the point for someone like me? It wouldn't be for religious reasons or the need to declare our love or whatever, at the end of the day it would just be a piece of paper and I don't need or want that.

Also, the question of taking the boyf's surname might come up then, and that's so not gonna happen.

And don't listen to 6k - in fact, join me in a quest to prove him wrong ;)

po said...

Paula: hahaha you crazy chick, I forgot you really want to be a housewife. You can do it for me ok?

Goblin: Yay! I agree. In fact it seems a bit perverse getting married just for a piece of paper. It seems to insult a relationship rather than celebrate it.

As to the surname, it is all a bit too chauvinistic to me that I would have to change my name, but actually I freaking hate my surname. But the BFG's is a bit weird too. If we have kids, maybe we can let them pick, or draw surnames out of a hat?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

As for the marriage's weird! I have never been one of those girls who has "planned" a wedding in my mind since I was 5. I don't have a scrapbook or dreams of what I would like, however, I would like to get married one day.
Whether that will actually happen or not is another story...
Interesting... do you think it would change if you had to meet the right person?

You have got me thinking - nice!

po said...

Blondie: Wow, I would have had you down as someone who had dreams of a white dress and a beautiful wedding.

I have definitely found the right person for me, we are married mentally and that is enough for me. I am a freak though, the idea of getting dressed up and doing all that wedding stuff is probably my worst nightmare, not my dream come true!

Jeanne said...

You are going to have to arm-wrestle me to be Brandon's next wife, m'dear!! OMG, can he be any sexier? And anyway, where were all these boys in eyeliner when I was single? Not in PE, that much I can tell you... Was listening to Killers all weekend in my BRAND NEW HOUSE (!!) and I just can't get enough of them. Did you go and see them at the O2 earlier this year? It was fab.

Hmm, marriage. At school I never really pictured myself getting married, and despite my series of boyfriends in my 20s, every time talk turned to marriage, I realised that the last thing I wanted to do was spend my life with them and that was that. Then I met hubby and lived in sin & I was cool with that. But then he wanted to come to the UK and I could not come with him as I was too old and too, umm, completely-South-African-and-not-at-all-British. The choice was get married or split up, so we snuck off to Home Affairs and got married in front of my 2 best friends & brother & sis-in-law. It felt so subversive (we didn't tell anybody other than the witnesses and our parents) - and I reckoned we were doing it for the best reason possibble: because we didn't want some stupid laws keeping us apart.