Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Monday is funday

And how. I don't normally go on about my day but this was quite special.

Firstly my alarm did not go off. I set up the alarm on my Cookie, and it worked all last week, but I must have screwed up the settings, or (more likely) my evil phone decided to sabotage my life and is in cahoots with the phone gremlins, who switched off my alarm. The BFG also forgot to switch his on, which usually is no issue because I wake him up.

FAIL. We woke up at NINE, and I usually wake up at 6:30. But I am able to get ready in seconds if required, scruffy has always been my look, so we bolted to the train station, and by my calculations I would only be an hour late for work.

Only of course the train never pitched up. It just never came. And the next one was half an hour late. So I ended up being two hours late for work.

But after all that, it really could have been so much worse.

It could have rained while I walked to and from work. In my haste to leave the house I forgot raincoats and umbrellas and things, and it has been raining constantly the last few days. But the sun came out just for me and disappeared again once I was safely inside. Sweet.

My phone battery lasted just long enough for me to call work before pegging.

My boss laughed the whole thing off, because he is cool like that.

I thought it would be valiant to skip lunch in order to catch up on work. Normally this would be bad news, because my rampant appetite, mad metabolism and low blood pressure could have meant me passed out before 3pm, but I was just fine.

There was a rainbow on the way home, a huge bright one that filled up my whole window. And then it stopped raining and these enormous fluffy cumulo nimbus clouds were bouncing around in a bright blue sky, and this is a rare sight and it was beautiful.

And then I came home and saw this, courtesy of JustB[coz] (not sure where she got it), and I had a good hose.

I did my own artistic interpretation of the whole thing:

sleeping around is sleeping around. Sleeping around is sleeping around.
Sleeping around and around. Around and around we sleeping go. Sleeping
is round and round. Around sleeping is sleeping around. Here we go
round the sleeping round. Is around sleeping sleeping around?
Sleeping sleeping is around around. Sleeping is around the around sleeping.
Reaping a sound is weeping profound.


I am trying my best to follow Rox's zen philosophy. There is no need to write off a whole day just because it started badly; there were many small good things in there too.

Ok this is so unlike me, I am usually the most cynical, negative person on the planet, but there are days you wished never happened, and this was definitely not one of them.

C'est la vie. Wotever that may mean.


Ches said...

Who said life was boring?

Hey, my word verification says 'duche' that the same as 'duchebag'?

LadyFi said...

Great to hear that you averted disaster with a little positive thinking and some good weather...

sass said...

and the best part of it is, you got 2 & 1/2 extra hours of sleep! ;-)

po said...

Ches: not me. And uh, who you calling a duchebag ;)

Ladyfi: hmm, yes this morning I surrounded my head with alarms in order to avert further disaster.

sass: This is true. I never thought of that!

Dash said...

wow...that is the best post i have read of anything in ages!

po said...

Dash, geez thanks, that is very sweet of you.

Blog peeps my blogger following list seems to be broken so I have no idea when you guys update, which totally sucks, I will have to investigate some other means of following.

Helen said...

Oh no! Mine does that sometimes, I find deleting temporary internet files helps...

I'm glad your boss was nice and you had all the nice little things! Maybe your Cookie wanted you to get some extrea rest. No, I'm not giggling...

po said...

Helen: well, that was very kind of my cookie, but you know, could it also tell my crazy nieghbours to stop hosting trance parties in their pub/disco all night?

Tamara said...

Yay for rainbows - they can cure so much!

I always knew cookies were evil.

po said...

Tamara: so did I but this is reaching new levels!