Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dear Jacob.

Just a super quickie:

What is it about Jacob Zuma that induces people into the raptures of letter writing? 

I have seen "Dear Zuma" letters all over the internet, asking him to feed the world, cure AIDS, not become a second Mugabe, improve the rights of seamonkeys, whadda whadda bing bang. I find it highly amusing. I hate to be cynical and judgemental but it is pretty funny. He aint getting these "letters" is he? They make not one jot of difference to anything.

If you think I am being a bitch, don't worry, just last year on this very blog, I wrote my own "Dear Zuma".  And yes, it was incredibly lame. So there. I am including myself in this puzzling phenomenon. And I don't have the answer. I don't know why I wrote him a pointless letter.

Do you?


DT said...

Because we live in hope! It is the positive South African spirit. We hope that somehow all we be all right and our letters will mean something - I guess!

Anonymous said...

coz he has charisma! which is what a state president should have... definitely think he'll do a better job than Mbeki.

SonnyVsDan said...

maybe you subconsciously want to print it and send it to him.

I think you should.

If only so you can say "i told you so" when the apocalypse comes.

6000 said...

And there's another link to the UK political system.
Look at the 10 Downing Street e-petition service; ever looked at or considered when making decisions that affect the people? Bugger off.

I don't know why ppl write to Jacob. I have seen that Helen wrote an open letter to him, but she's a little whore anyway, apparently.

nemesis said...

I think we write them to makes ourselves feel better about how helpless we really are, sometimes, as the electorate.

elections seem like such a long time ago, now politicians are back to ignoring us like they always do..until the next election that is..

po said...

Howdy people. Ooh I think nemesis hit it on the head there, we try to make ourselves feel better about being in a powerless and uncertain situation.

po said...

Anon: I have always wondered why people think a state president needs charisma? Can you explain it?

I really don't agree with that one. Well, I am speaking about personal preference but I wouldn't mind a dull president who was focussed on policy and transparency.

But that is probably because I am uber dull myself!

Anonymous said...

trust me, he'll be better than Mbeki, when Mandela and Mbeki were president they were hardly ever in the country. goooooo Zuma! Mbeki was quite stupid when it came to issues here so I say Zuma should be better.

my mom's met JZ and says he's a very likeable man, she also met Mbeki and says they're totally different in that he's quiet and reserved. and my big brother lovesssss Jacob (they go way back), so I support him too :P

As for your Q why charisma is important, I guess it makes the person approachable and people follow him easier. lol I dunno.

po said...

Anon: I guess so. I guess I am not a good example of a citizen because I am not ever gonna meet the pres!