Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I never could say no to cookies

I did something rash on the weekend. Apart from sleeping in. That was pretty daring too. I really do live life on the edge.

I bought a new phone.

Oh yes. This is one of those posts where I go on about my phone history like anyone could possibly care. But my phone history fascinates me because it is my phone history, so enjoy.

I have never bought a phone before so it was all a bit intimidating. In SA I always got given people’s old or spare phones.  I never had the money to buy a phone and my friends were always were kind enough to help me out.

When we arrived in the UK the BFG bought me a phone so we could speak while he was travelling. It was the cheapest phone you could buy at the time, and this was nearly 6 years ago.

Here it is, my sexy little Sagem:

I loved it! I thought it was so snazzy, and it has a COLOUR SCREEN. I had never seen such advanced technology before. It blew my mind. No camera or anything, but a colour screen, and it would moo at me when I got a text/sms (ooh look at me. I can multi-speak. What skills). I loved the moo.

The battery lasted forever and it survived countless falls where it was scattered all over the floor.  It was an excellent phone but it is finally on its way out so I braved the ten million choices of phone out there and tried to find a good one for me.

I almost never use a phone anyway because I am cool like that (ok because I have no friends). So I wanted something super basic with a camera, that would survive my ability to let go of things at random.

I spent hours on the internet reading reviews to try and make a considered decision in my first phone-buying experience. I narrowed the choices down carefully.

So what did I do? I went and bought the most impractical phone I could find. The one with the most bad reviews. The one that supposedly crashes and switches off and has a crap camera (as you can see from the above pic) and whose battery life is less than amazing. And it looks like it would not survive even one plummet from the sky. So why, why did I pick it?

I wish I could tell you the decision was rational but it was not. Maybe I was seduced by the fact that it has a touch screen. Or that it looks cool. And you can draw pictures on it! Like this piece of genius:

The fact that my other choice in phone only came in brown may have influenced the decision (quite strongly) as well. Who wants a phone that looks like a slab of poo?

All of those things were probably swimming around in my pickled little mind. But to be honest there was only one major factor driving my decision: I liked the name. My new phone is called the
LG Cookie. With a cool name like that, how could I not get it, even if it is a fancy pants piece of gadgetry crap?

I am just the perfect example of consumer intelligence, I know.


Anonymous said...


You're ever marketing executive's dream consumer! Enjoy your new cookie!

Anonymous said...

Well - I have to be honest. I'd probably buy a phone that goes by the name of Cookie too. It's just so CUTE!

Also - the phone is pretty sweet. So what it's not indestructible. It's PRETTY!

Louisa said...

Hahaha! So you picked a phone for its name - before you could load your own MP3s onto the phones I used to pick them by ringtone.

And just think, if you do suddenly let it go and it breaks beyond the point of fixing you could always write a post titled: This is how the cookie crumbles?

I'm hoping that won't happen to your cookie though.

The Divine Miss M said...

Is it the pink one?? Caus ehte pink one is soooo cute!

Miss T said...

okay great name agreed but the camera is terrible!lol Po...I'd say i'd be a sucker for all the marketing stuff too. I just spent an extra €70 (or more..can't remember) so I could have the pretty design on my new Dell!

po said...

Ladyfi: yum yum!

sleepyjane and Louisa: glad to see I am not the only consumer who buys things for um, dubious reasons!

Miss M: no it is the black one. I am not a fan of pink. Ok I hate pink!

Miss T: I know :( actually it has everything but it does not do anything well. Even the calls take ages to go through and don't have good reception or sound. I guess it is trying to do everything and does nothing well. There is no way I would bother trying to listen to music on it.

6000 said...

Nice cookie. *ahem*

P.S. Found that pic of you in a bikini.

po said...

6000:whahaha! Although. I wish that was me. Nice body.

Tamara said...

Only you, Po ;-)

I was going to say something dodgey about the BFG's thoughts on your Cookie (koekie?) but I'll refrain. Or not. *grin*

po said...

Tamara: naughty naughty :)

I think he is scared of its complexity. Mwaha. But aren't all men?

Helen said...

Congratulations and have fun with it! Must admit I hadn't picked up on the inappopriate pun until I read the other comments.

po said...

Helen: yeah my post was all innocent but the naughty readers did naughty things. Really I have no idea what they are talking about ;)

Dora said...

Interestingly enough...I have never bought a phone either!

And the thing is, on the occasions I feel like getting the coolest, lastest phone like everyone else, my old grubby phone would just refuse to die!

Once, in anger, I threw my phone against the wall baseball style - it bounced onto the floor, chipped a corner, turned off, then on again, and is still working superbly fine. *sigh*

po said...

Dora: I had a similar problem.. Actually I decided to buy a new phone while my old phone was just fine. The day before I went to buy the phone my old phone started switching off all the time. And I was relieved because I didn't have to keep justifying wy I was getting a new one. I just wanted a new toy!

It's amazing how durable the old phones are. wall vs phone, phone won!