Friday, 8 May 2009

Lord(ess)* of the flies

I don't know about you, but for me the weekend cannot come soon enough.

I have hit a low patch at work, and at the moment I am just trying to survive each day one at a time. The stuff that I am doing at work is incredibly tedious,  to the point where I am too apathetic to even drool listlessly. I am drool-less.

There are some interesting bits, but true to form they are not working. They have not been working for quite some time now, and it is really dragging me down. The Biology Goddess is being a righteous BeeYatch. And I even wore my purple stripy sock on my left foot only. What more does she want from me?

The rest is just mind-numbingly dull. I spend the entire day in a tiny room in the basement all by myself. Well, not quite. I share the room with about 10 million flies. And let me tell you, they are rather low on conversation. All I have is me and my head, free to overanalyse and worry and be idiotic for 8 hours each day. It's not healthy. I am slowly but steadily losing my insanity. By the end of this I will be entirely and overwhelmingly sane. And that will be a terrible thing.

I know things will improve, they always do. But until then, all that is getting me through the days is the thought of Saturday. I have something big planned for Saturday and I just cannot wait. What I plan to do on Saturday is: SLEEP IN. I get all tingly just thinking about it.

I value sleep greatly, and this whole getting up at 6:30 thing is a bit heinous. And neither our holiday in Thailand  nor our weekend away in Cornwall seemed to include the option of sleep. Perhaps you have to pay extra for that. So all I want to do is sleep in and wake up all snuggled in the duvet whenever my body decides to. Ah the bliss.

So you all, whatever exciting and active things you have planned for your weekends, cannot be nearly as excited as I am about my Saturday morning, which hopefully I shall fail to witness altogether. 

I  wish you all happy sleep-ins too.

*Yes I am aware that the feminine version of Lord is Lady, but it didn't sound as good so wah.


Anonymous said...

That's usually the biggest thing I look forward to. The sleeping in. *sigh* I can't wait.

Getting up when I don't want to is TORTURE!

LadyFi said...

A sleep-in? What's that? I'm up before six every day... and if the kids let us sleep in after that time at the weekends, then that, my friend, IS a sleep in!

Anonymous said...

lol I wake up 5:25am weekdays, weekends my body is so used to gettign up early my version of sleeping in means 6:30-7:00am :P

enjoy your sleep-in tomorrow!

po said...

WOOHOOOO! I don't know what I did but the thing I have been trying to get to work for the last 3 weeks finally worked. Sheesh I am relieved.Maybe blogging about it helped?

Sleepyjane: I know! Torture!

Ladyfi: Ok, note to self, never breed. You are scaring me here.

Annymous: 5:25! Why?! I know I don't get up very early for most people, but for me the sleepyhead it is the crack of dawn.

Dash said...

i wish i could sleep in, unfortunately my neighbours have a built in alarm in the form of ritual throat clearing. if you are having problems picturing it, imagine what it sounds like to hock an entire lung up. And then do it again tomorrow.

6000 said...

I got a lie-in last weekend, which was great. 7:30am. Stunning. Latest I've slept in months. And even that whole night was punctuated with child.

Meh - you youngsters these days. I can remember when all this was fields, you know?

Work, flies, basements - all underrated in my opinion.

6000 said...

OK. So. Sit down.
Cos it will scare the holy bejaysus out of you.


I used to work with Dave Emberton in 1995. Just for a couple of months. Good old Oxford boy. Lived in Rose Hill or on Blackbord Leys, as I remember.
He hasn't changed a bit.

po said...

Dash: hmm unfortunate. Ear plugs? Or does it penetrate beyond that.

6000: ok back up back up. I am siting. I am trying to understand what you are saying. I even tried reading it upside down.I am clearly a loser because I don't have a clue who Dave Emberton is. Please enlighten me. I googled him and came up with a guy who is:

Internal Systems & Audi Manager at MultiChoice Zimbabwe

Do you mean him??

Isn't Rose Hill that dodgy part of town you told me about?


No way! Just today I was chatting to him and we managed to completely misunderstand eachother in the space of three sentences. The poor guy, he must think I am loony.

He is also a bit loony though so it is all ok.

6000 said...

Yes. Rose Hill is dodgy.
But there are some decent people living there. You just have to look hard.
Dave is a bit looney. But look at the institution he works in. Looney:Normal ratio pretty high, n'est pas?

P.S. I'm not stalking you. Just need you to know that.

Goblin said...

I really hope you enjoy the sleep in!

And I hope the work woes subside soon. We wouldn't want you sane anytime soon ;)

po said...

6000: why the hell not? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not worth stalking, huh, huh?

Don't worry I understand. You are stalking Dave.

Goblin: According to my calculations I could be free of fly city in about 2 more days. Oh sweet freedom.

SonnyVsDan said...

i made it to a 1pm sleepin on Saturday! GO ME! That's a record for the last 10 years.

po said...

sonnyvsdan: that is incredible! I never made it that far

LadyFi said...

Hope all is well!

To answer your question, runic script was what was used 1,000 years ago by the Vikings. I think it then became Old Norse (but am not sure!)

Tamara said...

Sleep is definitely something I have learnt to appreciate. Enjoy every minute you get, Po. Saturday sleep-ins are the best.

Helen said...

I hope it gets better! I know the repetitive boring work is lovely and therepeutic for about 5 minutes. The the brain kicks in and the overnalysis starts...

Hope you had a great sleep-in!

SheBee said...

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Its like my profession these days.

Stop looking at me like that.