Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Words don't come easy

I am suffering from blogging frustration. It seems that my blogging style has gone to pot and I cannot reel it in. My posts always get too long and out of hand, and no one can shut me up and I ramble on and on...

And my writing sense of humour has turned out to be incredibly lame and corny. My reading sense of humour is not like that. The things that make me laugh out loud are witty, ironic, sarcastic, quirky, goofy, rude, and other things as well. But when I write it all comes out as corny word games. I cannot move past my fascination with word games. I need humour therapy, people.

I have been blogging roughly a year now. I think (I bloody well hope) my writing style has improved since then, but it has a long way to go to satisfy me.

I read so many funny and beautifully written blogs. I feel they are what I aspire to in a writing style. I can't believe all the writing talent out there.

DT from Dancefloor tragedy held her own  blog non-awards, where she mentioned blog posts that really stuck with her, for various reasons. I think this is a cool idea. I have read so many blog posts that have inspired me or impressed me or stuck with me.

Here, in no particular order, are a few. Don't be offended if I don't mention your blog. This is just the tip of a huge iceberg for me.


brings tears to my eyes:

hilarious, made me laugh out loud:


just personally memorable:

chester pillow - no title (you have to read the comments to truly appreciate this one)

Being Brazen - a decade of me (I know DT listed this one too, but I just loved the way it was written, like a dreamy adventure).

I reckon I will do this again, because there are so many posts that I really enjoyed that I am having a hard time finding them again. Are there any posts that stick in your mind for whatever reason?

And at that I will leave you with this thought: Bugrit. Millenium hand and shrimp.



Goblin said...

You can never go wrong with a Foul 'Ol Ron quote as your final thought!

Honestly I haven't noticed the rambling you speak of. I still enjoy it muchly.

LadyFi said...

Great idea! There is a lot of good writing out there.. yours included!!

I voted for you in the Blog awards, so I hope that guarantees me your undying devotion and some choccie digestives! ;-)

momcat said...

I also think my writing style is somewhat lame and needs improvement. My talking style is very much quick comeback which can be very funny in context but rest assured that someone somewhere is enjoying what you wrote. Just be true to yourself.

Helen said...

Admittedly I haven't read much of your blog, as I only stumbled across it yesterday, but I find your writing very entertaining!

redsaid said...

Listen, stopit. Right now.

Besides, taking self deprecation to new lows, dabbling in self doubt and languishing in perpetual despair are all part of MY job, got it?

You write better than I could ever hope to. (I'm seriously jealous of you.) You are hilarious and you make me chuckle on a daily basis.

So there.

Also? I totally nominated you and everyone else should as well! So girls and boys, if you haven't yet, hop to it:

DT said...

Aw shucks Po! Be still my heart!
Love your selection, I was in fits of laughter at some of your funny ones! I just don’t think we go through the archives enough! Don’t worry too much about blogging frustration – it will pass, I guarantee that. Your writing is really brilliant and so very sincere. You do seem to be evolving into your own personal style – which is fantastic! Just keep going, you never know where it will take you!

po said...

Goblin: foul ole ron is one of the great philosophers of our time. We could decode the meaning of life from him. If we could just figure out what the hell he was saying.

Ladyfi: thanks. That is very kind of you. But I am sure there are lots of blogs that don't get enough recognition!

momcat: I think it is good to be able to see your weaknesses, then we can only imporve! I feel like I am too lame too.

Helen, thanks and likewise! It is always refreshing to find another mad scientist!

po said...

redsaid: you are too kind! And I agree, you are way too hard on yourself. I used to think I was until I met/read you. Your blog was one of the first that I found and made me laugh often. It was one of the inspiring ones!

DT: I loved your idea.
I figure, if we just keep writing, we will have our ups and downs and improve along the way, right?

Being Brazen said...

Hope your bloggers frustration passes soon. I think all bloggers feel like every now and then.

Ps - Thanks for the mention. Funny how 10 crazy, memorable years of my life are "memorable" to other people

6000 said...

I think every blogger goes through times like that. And then the big decision: does one write lame stuff or does one stop for a while until inspiration returns?

Me - I've been writing lame stuff since I saw Goblin was getting away with it month after month. ;-)

po said...

BB: the way you wrote it was so cool. It stuck in my mind.

6000: whatever dude, you are never lame. However, kudos to your for insulting Goblin on my blog, hehe. Does she know she has to play hide and seek for them?

The Divine Miss M said...

I enjoy your blog chicken!

My writing comes and goes too, we all have off days. Hence the extended break I took!

Keep writing and keep rambling, I enjoy it :)

po said...

miss M: this is true. But it is hard to be patient in the inbetweens!

Miss T said...

Now listen here Po! Your posts are some of the best. I absolutely love they way you write and I hope to one day be even half as good as you. Lately I am so stretched I can't even spell and my grammar has gone to hun you have NIKS to be worried about :)

The Spear said...

Well, I think your blog is one of the best out there. :)

Spear said...

Awwww, you’re too hard on yourself. You are only having a mini existential crisis – I had one in the bath last Wednesday. It’ll pass.

Jeanne said...

Hey - I nominated you in the SA Blog awards so it can't be all bad :) That ninja kangaroo post cracks me up too.

6000 said...

@Jeanne - I like the way I can come on Po's blog and insult other bloggers, or I can come on Po's blog and get compliments from other bloggers.

It's like a two-way street, both leading to a nice pub.


po said...

Miss T:your life is such a whirlwind, we all love reading about it. Grammar is not important!

The spear: Thanks so much.

Oops I really didn't write this post to fish for compliments or hope for blog nominations. I ws just inspired by DT, and sick of my same ole lame ole jokes.

But thanks guys.

Spear: hectic, are you and the spear related :)
I am having a permanent existential crisis. Ever since I was born. It is quite fun for me, but maybe not for the people who read about it right here!

Jeanne: thanks, glad I could direct you to some funny posts

6000: Which nice pub? Am I invited?
Yeah, what is this, are you
all-permeating? Or all-pervasive, or invasive, or infectious, or something along those lines?

Ches said...

Geez Po thanks, just saw this now. Must have been on conference when you posted this...ha ha. Who thought a 'no post' would get so many comments!?

Your ramblingness is always an enjoyable part of my day. Just never ever stop...please! :)

po said...

ches: that post made me laugh loads. I loiked it.