Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Where's Wally?

I had this splendiferous post all lined up in my head, and then life went and got inconsiderately in the way.

Yes, it happens even to me. So instead I shall share something completely random with you on my favourite subject. Moi.

"Wally" is the nickname my best friend from school gave to me. For good reasons. So many good reasons that she gave me a "wally award" to commemorate my wallyish moments. It is laminated, with embarrassing photographs and everything. It is legend. It will go with me wherever I live.

I hope she doesn't mind if I share some of it with you. Here are some of the things for which I earned the award:

  • Singing a certain song about lumps of squishy goo ("dough, a lump of squishy goo; Ray, a male's name, me; a very short pronoun; far, add "T" and get a rude word; sow, a thing to do with farming"... It was this song we sang.)
  • Being a participant in a certain game called brush and koosh*  (it involved a balancing a koosh on a hairbrush and racing around the house. Obviously.)
  • Inventing an important dance: the Dinosuar waltz (sadly all my attempts at dancing look like a waltzing dinosaur.)
  • looking like a complete wally in ALL photos (sad but very much true.)
  • Having the ability to be sunburnt in the strangest parts of one's body (I will leave that up to your imaginations.)
  • locking oneself out of ones room on numerous occasions and being involved in compromising situations as a result (uni, res, me locked out, waiting in the lobby, 2 amorous ladies could no longer contain themselves and started performing complicated manouevres upon one another on the floor, me trying my best to sneak out oh you get the picture.)

I had to leave some of the more obscure and embarrassing ones out. But once a freak, always a freak. And I was not on drugs I might add. All that was achieved without artificial enhancement.

Anyone else have a juicy wallyish moment to share?

* a pompom made of rubber. You know? 


Ches said...

My list is too endless for words!

Dig the lobby gymnastics, thats cool!

P.S. You also need help ;)

LadyFi said...

LOL! Wallyish moments? Oh gosh - lots! Including going to a job interview and my knicker elastic just went twang!

6000 said...

I once left the primers out of a PCR. Had to add them indiidually into 80 specimens.

Contamination central. :-(

Lopz said...

Koosh? Is this a saffa thing? Or just a po thing? Does it come in luminous colours and look like a sea anemone? And why is anemone slept like that if you say it anenome? Ok enough with the questions, I hear you.

mylifescape said...

hahahaa... you are HILARIOUS!!!!

Sass said...

My life is a Wally moment. :)

po said...

ches: ja ~I am sure you would have enjoyed it.

I know I do :)

ladyfi: oh my word. That must cause a blush.

6000: hang on are you repeating my own wallyish moments here? What a nightmare, I tell you.

I do wallyish things in the lab every day. And yet somehow they hire me...

lopz: I don't know. I don't think so. Yes, it comes in lumo colours and looks like an anemone.People say it incorrectly. It is pronounced how it is written.

You ever had one? An anemone or a koosh?

mylifescape: hehe I am not sure if my daily life being funny is a good thing :)

sass: we should start a club!

Dash said...

dough the stuff that buys my beer, ray the guy who sells me beer. Me The guy, that drinks my beer, Far a long way to my beer! SOOOOOO I'll have another beer! Laaaa I sing while I drink beer! Tea, no thanks I'll have a beer and that bring us back to....

po said...

I never heard that one before Dash! brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I've never met a Wally; Hi Wally people are looking for you I hope you know. LOL. You are hilarious. Unfortunately I'm just plagued with blonde moments. So never knew there was such a thing as Wallt lives... well, you learn something everyday

Tamara said...

Hehehehe... I feel sorry for people whose names are actually Wally - doomed to a life of Wally moments.

I do wallyish things every day. Today I'm off to a late start though - haven't performed one wallyish thing yet. To my knowledge, that is.

po said...

Paula: are you blonde though :)

Blonde moments are different to wally ones. Wallys are more clumsy and nerdy

Tamara: I hope for a report on your next wallyish moment please :)