Monday, 9 March 2009

Another day in paradise

I feel it is time to say "enough about me, let's talk about life for a while". There is only so much one can say about one's self, right?

Um, no, I didn't think so either. But I am pretty much the same as ever. Nothing cataclysmic happened this weekend. I am still the same species, and still disguising myself as a mad scientist, when in actual fact I am just... mad. So let us take a peak at what is happening in the rest of the world:

Zimbabwe: Morgan Tsvangirai lost his wife in an alleged "accident". A pain I hope I never have to suffer. What more can be said?

US: A man shot up a church.

South Africa: Zuma announces that the next government will deal harshly with corruption. Let us take a moment to digest these words.


I assume he means that if any politician has the gall to avoid being corrupt, a machine gun will point out the error of his/her ways.

UK: A minister was splattered with green custard.

The usual then. Life streams on.

I have never been a glass-half full person. But I don't think of myself as a pessimist either. I don't have constant opinions about anything.

Today I feel fairly nihilistic. Nihilism is a misunderstood concept. Nietzsche tried to come up with ways to improve life here and now, not to negate it. He believed that the way we live now is what negates life.

Time moves forward, no matter what we do. It is unstoppable. People always think the world is going to end. The world is not going to end. Perhaps our tiny world as we know it will end some day, but time and matter will continue to plod along regardless. There is no meaning at all except that which we take from our experience of life. We have now, so we should make the most of it.

I certainly don't always think this way. I wish my opinions could be stable but then I would probably be sane. An unfortunate side effect. Belief is not something I am capable of. Ever.

Nevertheless, it is quite a liberating thing to feel. Nietzsche was on to something.

For today.


Being Brazen said...

People always shoot up churches and schools....very sad

Zuma is ....Well, lets just say he is not my favourite person.

6000 said...

Zuma rocks. Oral flatulence or not.

And I hope you never lose Morgan Tsvangirai's wife in a car accident either That would be careless.

It's monday - you're allowed to be maudlin. (Or should that be Magdalen?)

Just snap out of it by tomorrow, please.


Dash said...

that's very Hitchhiker's of you.
I think its possible to be optimistically pessimistic.

LadyFi said...

Zuma preaching about corruption?? Er.. yes... we all 'believe' him...

As for being sane - I hope you never suffer that fate!

Ruby said...

so you pretty much see the glass as half then? not being an optimist nor a pessimist?

Kitty Cat said...

Po - I'm not too current with politics etc, but I like hearing you write about yourself. When you feel like it.

po said...

BB: yep just another crazy day in history

6000: I kind of knew you were going to say that about Morgan's wife. And I am kind of glad you did.

Freaky I am starting to be able to read your minds, guys. Ooooh.

And yes, what is with that pronounciation anomaly? Is it just a pretentious I mean Oxford thing?

Dash: me too. An pessimistically realistic and realistically optimistic.

Ladyfi: beeeeeelieeeeve.

Oh wait, that was the hamsters. I take it back.

Ruby: exactly! I think you get me. If the glass is even there at all.

Kitty: thanks! I get bored of me though. Sometimes. Just for a few seconds :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. quite a deep post there my friend. But I liked it... I'm high on the philosophy chart (mostly because I like disagreeing and thus... philosphy helps one to disagree with fundamentalist stuffs properly placed)

Anyway; yeah Tshivangerai's wife "accident" was a bit much for me. Zuma; well, I don't care much for politics at the moment. By politics I mean polititians. I'm more into the whole... the parties themselves. See what their about. I find with this election you really have to be.

About time and all of that. Yes. And No. I don't really believe in time. Well; the clock but I believe in continual movement with everything. LIke things move on. You do. But like strictly time in the clock sense I cannot fathom; or rather, hold on to.

LOL the word verfification is rottingit :D

Being Brazen said...

Ps - po, just in response to your somment today - The pictures up on my "Floral fancy" post are of my actual outfit.

Being Brazen said...

Oh, lol - Well, maybe there will be a blog worthy pic of me in my outfit after I go to the wedding :)

Rox said...

I think that's a good way to see things - after all, it's the moment that really counts.

Politics and world drama are going to be there regardless of how we deal with it, so it's better to deal with things however we can and get on with life.

po said...

Paula: that is pretty deep. I lve philosophy too. I am attempting to study it part time via UNISA. It blows my mind. I don't understand it all, but it leaves me feeling nice and confused, which is the way I like to be :)

I like you ideas about time.. A lot.

Rox: this is true. It always seems like the world is ending if you read the news.